Harry Styles Sister

Ashton Styles is Harry Styles little sister, Ashton is 5 and Harry is 6. They all live happy together as one happy as a family can get, But one night Ashton goes missing, really she was Kidnapped by Simon Cowells Cousin Mike Cowell, so Ashton lives with Simon, years later a big surprise is prepared for her. Sorry Guys, I am so bad at Mumbles so please be patient with me, I get severe writers block so yeah well here the story goes



AN: YAYYYY Harry found Ashton, so what will Ashton decided to do, will she confront Simon and ask him about her "adoption" or will she not believe Harry and think this is all a stunt?



Ashton POV: "You can't be my brother, Harry. I mean come on do we even look a like," 'actually you guys look like twins" said Louis "SHUT THE FUCK UP CARROT BRAIN!!"


This was really weird because, all this was happening on stage. "Just talk to me after the concert" I said to Louis, Who beamed with excitement. The rest of the concert went on and it was surprisingly really good ounce I noticiced that every girl or gay guy was giving or trying to give me the death glare. Did it work, HELL NO. 


AN: Sorry guys for the supper short chapter but I have to go to my grandmas house in a few minutes and I still havn't cleaned my room or done my home work

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