why did it have to be you?

riley is just a normal girl and had grown up with a bunch of boys around her but one day everything will change. her mom dies before her 16th birthday and her dad had to go to jail because of over drinking. but when she is 18 she meets someone very famous.

read to find out what happens to riley and how her life changes.


7. will you be mine?

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up to seems like Taylor screaming, and someone crying? I noticed that riley wasn't in bed and it scared me. I ran down stairs in my boxers and saw riley in the conner and Taylor freaking out on the guy. I ran to riley and rubbed circles in her back and whispered its fine ill take care of it. All she did was nod. I ran up to Taylor and forced her to stop, she looked like a mad women.

"Harry get the hell off me this isn't your problem!!!!!!" yelled Taylor.

"Well kind a is cause your scaring riley!" I yelled.

"Like I give two fucks." yelled Taylor.

"Um, are you guys dating?" said the random dude named clayton.

"She's my ex I fancy someone else and I think its time for you to fucking go." I said

"Thanks a lot." said Taylor.

"No problem." I said and riley walked over to me and I hugged her cause she was shaking.

"Riley I know we just met but I was wondering if you could be mine?" I said

"Yes, yes." riley said with a big smile.


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