why did it have to be you?

riley is just a normal girl and had grown up with a bunch of boys around her but one day everything will change. her mom dies before her 16th birthday and her dad had to go to jail because of over drinking. but when she is 18 she meets someone very famous.

read to find out what happens to riley and how her life changes.


6. why am i falling for you

"hey harry"

"yes love?"

"where am I sleeping tonight, because of your ex?"

"well you can sleep with me and I promise I won't try anything, I just want to get to know you more."

"well that sounds nice but do you have a washroom so I can take a shower."

"around the conner love"

when I was walking to the washroom I was thinking. did I kinda fancy harry. ugh I don't know but I can't wait to talk to him. when I got in to the bathroom I got in the shower and cleaned every inch of me because I felt dirty after mike (my dad and his name is mike) did to me. when I got out I remembered SHIT. I don't have clothes.

"harry, I don't have clothes."
"here wear my shirt and boxers."

"thanks your really sweet."

after I changed we talked about my past and why I ran away and after I told everything I started balling. and he held me close and I really liked it. I think I fancy him.


hey guys its Claire here im sorry for not updating for so long I have been busy. please like and leave coments of how you like it so far


lots of love, loves

ill do another chapter tonight

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