why did it have to be you?

riley is just a normal girl and had grown up with a bunch of boys around her but one day everything will change. her mom dies before her 16th birthday and her dad had to go to jail because of over drinking. but when she is 18 she meets someone very famous.

read to find out what happens to riley and how her life changes.


4. help

"is there anything that we could do?" asked louis when we were eating. "No, what you guys are doing now is to much for me i can't ask for anything more." i said with a smile. "Well person you never told us your name." said Harry, oh right i forgot. "Riley.". "Thats a beautiful name!" they all said. "Thanks", "Well, riley do you need a place to stay?" said Harry.

"No im fine im just going to look for a bench." i said with a little smile. 

"Well we can have someone as beautiful as you stay on the streets, how about you stay at my place for a while till you get back on your feet?" said harry

"Umm, sure that sounds nice."




well i have to stop there for today because im teird cause i had softball today. :) but ill add another chapter tomorrow. bye loves!!

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