why did it have to be you?

riley is just a normal girl and had grown up with a bunch of boys around her but one day everything will change. her mom dies before her 16th birthday and her dad had to go to jail because of over drinking. but when she is 18 she meets someone very famous.

read to find out what happens to riley and how her life changes.


5. harry <3

Harrys p.o.v


She was beautiful i wanted her to be mine forever and i didn't care about the age i just wanted her so bad even though we barly know anything about her we know some that her dad hurt her, nothing about her mom, and that she ran away an had no where to stay. I didn't know what came out of me when i said she can stay at my place for a while. oh shit i thought my ex is still staying there untill she gets all her stuff because she doesn't trust me. I really wanted her to get the hell out of there. Her and zayn were talking when i said i was going to the bathrooms. And i called my ex taylor. "Taylor you have to leave tonight so get all your shit and get out." "I can't" "why?" "because i have a boy over." oh you want to play that game okay. "okay but don't be jelly when you hear moans!" after that i hung up before she could say anything. "What was that about mate we heard you say something about moans, and your lucky that riley didn't hear." said niall "shit i didn't know i was that loud" shit, shit!!!! "It's okay mate we and by what i me by we is me and the boys heard and not riley." "good, i don't want to ruin it with her." "Oh someones got a crush!!!" "Not a major one yet, but please don't tell her!!!" "Okay, okay i know i messed up when i told taylor" I just walked back to the table and she smiled a little. "I like it when you smile" i said with a smile at the end. All she did was smile, which i was glad to see. "Well boys we will see you tomorrow im sure we are both tired. she nodded. And we walked out. We got there with tyalor on the couch with a drunk dude cause i could tell and they were making out.



Sorry i have to leave it at that because i have softball tomorrow and track in the morning and ill a chapter tomorrow i promise that fanfic will get better.


bunch of love, loves!!! <3

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