Haunted house

Rein is an adopted 15 year old girl. Mike abuses her and uses her what will happen when a famous boy band comes to mikes haunted house and believes its real?! Will rein be adopted again or will these boys realize how fat ugly and annoying she is


2. the rescue

Today is the day before my 16 birthday it's also the first day of this years haunted house. I walked to my post where mikes friend bill was waiting. I walked and and he was smirking. "You ready Hun?" I wasn't allowed to talk so I just nodded my head while a tear streamed down my face. Bill came over and undressed me slowly only leaving my bra and panties and threw my clothes on the floor and he leaned in to kiss me but mike came in "bill she's still 15 you get that tomorrow" he said bill looked annoyed and a sigh of relief came over me. Bill grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the metal table he strapped my down and pressed a button and the table lifted so i was pretty much standing. He walked over to the table and grabbed a gag and put it on me running his fingers through my brown long hair. He then went to the wall behind me and stood there till the first group came in, I looked at the group that just came in, each group gets 5mins to stay in each room and watch. Bill grabbed a knife and sharpened it. He walked over to me and slowly slid it down my arm. I heard a scream from the crowd and saw a girl about 3years older than me cuddling into a boys chest. "Wow scardy cat" he said to his friend. I closed my eyes while tears streamed down my face. While he cut my legs. It stung like crazy soon a timer buzzed and bill pointed the knife to the crowd and did a cheesy "your next" speech. Soon another group came in of 7 5 boys and 2 girls. Bill grabbed a non bloody knife and turned around, and walked to me I started crying I heard one say to the other. Wow she's a good actor. How clueless are these people?! I got extremely mad and managed to spit out my gag. "HOW CLUELESS ARE YOU GUYS?!" Bill came over to me furious. "GET AWAY FROM ME" I yelled I looked at the crowd and they were scared and confused. Bill came over to me he slapped me then stabbed the knife into my leg. I cried out in pain screaming and crying. "Alright thank you for coming she's just a good actor but the house must close now" mike said to the crowd. He was the one who led the groups. The group left and I knew I was in for it. Mike came over and kneed me in the stomach. He untied me and dragged me by my hair out of the room I was screaming and crying and I saw the younger kids look at me afraid. I was dragged into the money room and tied up. Mike left and one at a time his friends came in taking knifes and cutting me. Then bill came in "hello sweety, wow I love how you seemed so confident like you would get away with that." He said kicking me in the stomach. I moaned in pain and he grabbed the chained off me and threw me onto the bed in the corner. He tied my hands up and started kissing my neck when mike came in. "Bill I said no! You know I get first dibs!" Bill left and mike came over to me taking off his shirts just when he was about to rape me the door pounded down, mike quickly grabbed a knife and stabbed my in the stomach as police came in and pinned him down. Everything was dizzy and I saw a boy with blonde hair run in and come to my side untying me. Everything then went dark

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