Don't Let Me Go!

Louis Tomlinson has to to date a girl who is apparently the next big thing! Unfortunately they both hate each other, but have to get married. Skylar runs away, and Louis must find her, before she runs off with someone else!


5. The Runaway

I took my new bride home after the reception. We were not in public, that is when all of our troubles began. 

Skylar's POV

"Louis, YOU RETARD!" I yelled, Louis quickly ran downstairs of our new home to settle me down. We had neighbours that called twice a day for our loudness. Regular people would be sent out of the neighbourhood with our behaviour, but 1 Direction was by far the most famous Boy Band at the time. I would lay in bed at night and have dreams about my beloved before Louis had to come in my life and ruin it.

I missed home and I was getting no where with Louis, so I had a choice. I could either stay and be miserable for the rest of my life or I could run away and not look back. I mean Louis has been sleeping on the couch, so yeah no where with him. I called my mom that day and she said she would pay for me to come vistit. I packed while Louis was away for concerts in LA. I stole some money from Louis and left. I did not tell him, but it won't make headlines I think.

Louis POV

"Honey I'm home!" I smiled, uh... where is she?

"Mrs. T!" Niall said coming in,

"Why isn't she here?!?!" I yelled,

"Well man, she's not here we might as well go!" He said,

I looked around and she was not there I did manage though to find a note.

Mr. Tomlinson,

Thank you for caring for me the passed three days. I don’t love you, and you won’t find me. I hope you find a better someone who loves you and cares for you unlike I did. Don’t even come for me, I will refuse to go back to you! I have someone else in mind...I wish you best wishes in finding THE ONE!


Best Wishes,


"Oh rejection!" Niall responded to the letter,

"I have to find her!" I said,

"Umm, it said in the letter, don't even come for me. I am pretty sure she dosen't want you to find her!"

"I don't care, she married me! No one else!" I said,

"I hope if you find her she will change her mind." Niall said,

"Me too!"

I went to the police station and they said they would help me. We ran off newspaper copies that made headlines and wanted signs. (Just to make it seem more professional.) We were sure to find her even with a reward. All my boys put some money together, we offer a $700 reward to whoever finds her. Our hopes are maybe even her mother will turn her in. If we find her and it is not to late I will change whatever I have to, just to keep her! She let me go, but I will never let her go!


                Runaway Bride! $700 reward!

                      Mrs. Tomlinson ran away for someone else!






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