Don't Let Me Go!

Louis Tomlinson has to to date a girl who is apparently the next big thing! Unfortunately they both hate each other, but have to get married. Skylar runs away, and Louis must find her, before she runs off with someone else!


7. The Fam + "Friends"

With my heart aching and wanting Charlie, I went to my home. Uh oh better lose the nose piercing, daddy J will not approve. After the wedding I dyed my hair again, BIG MISTAKE! I don't look like my family, except for my eyes. I have my mother's eyes, and dad's stubborness lol!

"Get the door you dimbo!" I heard mom as I knocked.

"Skylar? What is wrong with your hair?"  Daddy J said,

"It's fine, John!" Mama L. said, (You might be wondering why I call them by their 1st intitial. I have more than one set of parents, not for real. They just all care for me and I love them all! They all also have different initials.

"Skylar? Is that girl back?" A familiar voice asked,

"Sadie! Oh little Sade I missed you!" I said,

"Did you stop by and see Charlie?" Mama L. asked,

"Mom!" I said in a cranky tone,

"Ok, just asking! Is that Jasmine, I haven't seen you in weeks!" Mama L. said,

"I'm happy to see you Mrs. Jones!" Jasmine replied,

"And yes mom I saw Charlie and..." I paused.

''I saw you on the news, who is that handsome fellow?" Mama L. asked,

"I know right!" Jasmine exclaimed,

"That's Louis, my husband..." I replied to my mom as she smiled.

"Not a Jones, I know why you dyed your hair..." my mom said,

"Well, Louis can't find me, so I am letting it turn brown again!" I said,

"Why are you back?" Daddy J asked,

"To be with you." I lied,

"Honey, we know you are really here to hook up with Charlie." My mom said as she cut up peppers.

''Mom! Not around Sadie!" I said,

"You realize I'm sixteen right?" Sadie said,

"Are you serious! My little baby is growing up!" Jasmine said with some tears.

"Jasmine, uh my line!" I coughed,

"Oh right..." Jasmine said akwardly,

"You going to the party tonight?" Mama L. asked,

"Are there drinks there?" I asked,

"Yeah, there is water, soda, lemonade." Daddy J replied,

"Honey I believe she means alcohol" Mama L. commented,

"Oh no, you just got back. I don't want you getting drunk even if you were still living here!" My dad said,

"Daddy I'm eighteen, I want to be your little girl. I have friends going though." I kinda sugar coated it,

"Ok, but only one or two." He said,

"Thanks daddy!" I smiled and winked at Sadie as she shook her head.


I wore a pair of shorts and Spaghetti strap shirt to the party. I saw all of my friends, bullies who ended up falling in love with me, and guys who have tried to get with this. I saw some of my cousins there too. It was very embarrassing when everyone called me Mrs. Tomlinson. Charlie was there, he was with Madison Burns. She was the prettiest girls in School, now she's a mess.

"Glad you could make it!" An old voice said,

"Henry Schoon!" I smiled,

"Boys look who it is! It's Charlies old lover!" He laughed,

Charlie looked over at us and looked away very quickly. All the guys were touching me and calling me love. They was touching me where they shouldn't have. My dad would down right slap the life out of them. They was also calling me bad names, I was gonna slap em myself. Good Lord though I was getting dizzy, I might have snuck four instead of one or two! I passed out.

Charlie's POV.

I watched as Sky passed out and guys ganging up on her. They were about to take her clothes off! She might not be my wife, but it is my business to stop them and get her home.

"That is a fine young woman you got there." I chuckled,

"Yeah we know, she is fine!" A man said,

"I hear she looks better with her clothes on." I replied,

"Who told you that?" Another asked,

I punched them and carried her to my car. I drove down the road to her house, when I carried her in I put her on the couch. I gently put her down and kissed her forehead, she gave me a half smile and opened her eyes. I felt like we were falling in love all over again, she grabbed me and pulled me in for a kiss.

"Thank you for saving me!" She whispered,

"Your welcome, anytime!" I smiled,

After that you might have guessed, we did kiss. I never felt that way about anyone except Skylar. I might have had a few nights with other girls, but nothing serious. All year looking for someone else, I find that I am still in love with Skylar. She is going to have to go back, but for right now she is mine.

"Skylar?" Mama L walked in,

"Honey, oh hello Charlie!" Daddy J walked in a few seconds later.

"Mr. Jones, Mrs. Jones," Charlie walked out,

"Ooh, Skylar!" Mama L smiled,

"UGH!" I groaned,

I went to bed and thought about Charlie then Louis. Louis got into my thoughts and I dreamed about him and his beautiful blue eyes. I got up and splashed my face with water and pinched myself. I was thinking good about Louis?  



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