Don't Let Me Go!

Louis Tomlinson has to to date a girl who is apparently the next big thing! Unfortunately they both hate each other, but have to get married. Skylar runs away, and Louis must find her, before she runs off with someone else!


6. Old Soulmates

Skylar POV

I went on a bus to California, lucky for me that is far away from Florida. I am so glad my family chose to live in Cali. Jasmine was waiting for me at the bus stop, I got into the car and we drove off into the sunset. When me and Jasmine were kids we would dream of our first dates being on a horse with princes heading towards the sunset. I could not wait to see Charlie again!

"Aww remember your number of kids you were going to have, 5!" ;) Jasmine said,

"Yeah, we were crazy kids back then." I said,

"Should that be our first stop?" She asked,

"Uh... It is going to be akward, don't you think?" I replied,

"Nah, you guys were just always good friends anyway." She said,

"Ah, we were not just friends more like SOULMATES!" I said,

We had a very long conversation in the car and it took like 3 hours to get to Tehama County, it is more of a country base county, but not as popular as LA. I get out of the car in the middle of a forest and when I get out I see CHARLIE! I run to hug him, but he stops me.

"Skylar? Mrs. Tomlinson!" He bows,

"Charlie, I'm not royalty." I said with a laugh,

"You do realize you made headlines!" He showed me the newspaper,

"Yeah, but I'm here now, I came to be with you!" I said,

"Sky, you've changed! Like alot!" Charlie said,

"I know, but I came. I want us." I replied,

"I do too, but there can't be an us." He said with tears in his eyes, his perfect brown eyes.

"Why not?" I asked,

"Your married, your husband is looking for you, and I'm engaged!" He replied,

"ENGAGED!" I yelled,

"Just kidding, I held back, because I thought after your tour you were gonna come back and marry me!" He said,

"I did too, but you know Susan.'' I laughed,

"I'm just glad your here!" He said and finally hugged me.

"Ok, I am enjoying this, but I got to go see my parents." I said,

"Tell Sadie I said hi!" He said,

"Yeah, my sister loves you!" I replied,

"I know." He smiled,

I hopped into Jasmine's car who was watching us the whole time. We drove 2 minutes down the road where I walked to see Charlie everyday and aw memories! We went to my parents house.


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