Don't Let Me Go!

Louis Tomlinson has to to date a girl who is apparently the next big thing! Unfortunately they both hate each other, but have to get married. Skylar runs away, and Louis must find her, before she runs off with someone else!


1. Meeting my "Girlfriend"

Louis POV

"Niall, stop eating my potato chips!" Harry said,

"But I am hungry, you know how I get hungry before a concert!" Niall replied with a mouth full of potato chips.

"Knock it off you too, it's almost time." I said,

We went outside and rocked all night. All the fan girls holding signs up for me and the guys. I then saw couples together at the concert hugging and thanking them for our concert tickets. We did awesome, but I felt like I was the only one not smiling the whole time. I guess it's just the fact that I am the only single guy in the band and not taking it well. We then left the stage and met people backstage.

"Hello, what's your name?" I asked a little girl,

"My name is Katy, I'm nine. My favorite song from your band is One Thing!" She said,

"I love that song too, here you go! Do you want a pic?" I asked her,

"Yes! Oh My Gosh!" She replied,

I took pictures with a couple more fans and started walking out. Paul immediately stopped me, and smiled, he directed me to the girl next to him, I smiled at her while she smiled at me. I shook her hand and greeted her politely.

"Hello I am Louis Tomlinson, what's your name?" I asked,

"I'm Skylar Jones, I am the next big thing right now!" She said,

"Now Louis, for her to rise above and beyond, we need you two to spend as much time together as possible!" Paul said,

"Oh okay, just to help her out then sure!" I replied,

"You two are gonna make this public tomorrow, I want you two to announce that you are together!" He said,

"Okay, well we are going to Atlanta tomorrow, so just us being seen at the aquarium?" I asked,

"That will be fine!" He replied and left,

"Well goodnight, I guess I will see you tomorrow!" I said,

"Whatever I have to do to be famous," She replied.

Well that kind of hurt my feelings, a girl actually is going out with me and she is only doing it for popularity. I hope she doesn't ruin me like all the others, the boys are gonna laugh at me when they find out about this!

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