Don't Let Me Go!

Louis Tomlinson has to to date a girl who is apparently the next big thing! Unfortunately they both hate each other, but have to get married. Skylar runs away, and Louis must find her, before she runs off with someone else!


2. First Date

"Wake up Louis!" Liam jumped on me,

"Okay, I am up! What's up?" I asked,

"Okay, just don't tell the guys!'' I asked him,

"Hey man heard you're meeting someone, a girl?" Harry joked,

Then the boys started laughing at me as I got dressed. I looked in the mirror and I thought I saw a handsome English guy, but when I turned around, Niall took a picture of me. I saw my picture and maybe I don't look all that great.

Skylar POV

"Sky, wake up it's almost time for your date!" Susan Boyed said,

"No! I don't want to, I already like someone else, please don't drag me there!" I said,

"I know I am only your manager, but your mom is not here, so I am giving you advice on how to become more famous. DATE 1D!" Susan said,

I got ready, but I really did not feel up to pretend to actually have feelings for Louis. This is really overwhelming, I also don't want Louis fans to go hating on me when they find out about us. That's nice, hate messages all over my instagram page. I think this will actually make me not famous, because all of those girls are gonna hate me!

"Skylar, Oh My Gosh!"

"Jasmine!" I exclaimed,

"I haven't seen you since you have been famous!" Jasmine announced,

"I know right, how are you?" I asked,

"Great as ever! I heard about these rumors." Jasmine said,

"What rumors? There's nothing to hide." I said,

"You and Louis? On my way here I saw you two in the magazines" She said handing me a magazine.

"So everybody knows? We only met last night!" I explained,

"Pretty much, there was a photographer last night spying on you!" She said,

"Ugh, I can't stand how he thinks he is some big shot and he can just find someone like a fan. Fans actually like him! Why not?" I said,

"I think he is cute, his voice is so amazing!" Jasmine said,

"Sure he is cute, but for all I know is that he could be a spoiled brat!" I replied,

"Well just try to hide it from him. You are not seeing Charlie anymore?" She asked,

"I really wanted a long distance relationship, but then my manager wanted me to date Louis, so Charlie is probably mad at me!" I said,

"I was talking to him yesterday, he is so confused about all of this!" She said,

"Ugh! I don't know what to do!" I said,

Jasmine shrugged and left to her hotel, now I have a date to go to. I got dressed and got my hair done from famous Hairstylist Amelie Legrand. I then walk outside and find that Louis is out there in a Limo waiting for me.


Louis POV

What is taking her so long? No girl takes that long to get ready! I have been waiting here for 45 minutes now! Seriously she better look good, I mean not meaning to be a brat, but really girls can take forever to get ready!

"Hello Skylar!" I said opening the door for her,

"No need! I have people to do that for me!" She said,

Dang I try to be a gentleman, and she just blows me off! So rude, well I guess theres no point in not having a good time looking at fish, and wasting our dinner reservations!

"Look at that shark!" Skylar said,

"That's nice!" I replied

"Smile you two!" A photographer said,

"Cheeseburger!" I said,

"That's so immature!" Skylar said,

I rolled my eyes and kept smiling as the photographer kept taking pictures of us. We the went to dinner where all of the interviewers were.

"So do you think, you two have a future together?" An interviewer asked,

"Well...Yeah!" I said with a gulp,

They asked more questions, some were kind of inappropriate let's just say! I answerd all of the questions as Skylar just smiled at me. Putting all of the pressure on me just brings me down. That's when all of the drama started.

"Louis you eat like a slop!" Skylar laughed,

"You know what, slops are so much cooler than you!" I snapped,

"Well actually slops are more polite than you!" Skylar added,

"I have been trying to be a gentleman all day! You are just bringing me down!'' I said,

"Well this was a mistake!" She yelled,

"Maybe you're a mistake too!" I yelled,

Skylar left crying, which meant apparently I was paying check. She pulled my trigger, and I let it fire straight at her heart! :'( I had a gun let down for her, than me not seeing broke my heart forever. Paul will be mad at me when he finds out about this!

"I want you to apologize to her, RIGHT NOW!" Paul yelled,

"What are you talking about?" I said,

''Skylar's manager just called! Skylar is crying so hard that she is now in the Emergency Room!" Paul replied,

"God! I feel horrible, but she deserved it!" I said,

"You better make this up to her!" Paul said,

"I will!" Louis replied

I knew exactly what to do next, I called Skylar.

"Hello?" Skylar cried,

"Hey it's me Louis, can I meet you tomorrow? I want to ask you something." I asked,

"Yeah, I guess I can meet you." Skylar replied




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