Don't Let Me Go!

Louis Tomlinson has to to date a girl who is apparently the next big thing! Unfortunately they both hate each other, but have to get married. Skylar runs away, and Louis must find her, before she runs off with someone else!


3. Apologies

I walked very slow to my car, not knowing what I was doing. Zayne decided to go cruising before I went on my "Second," date.

"Are you sure Perrie is okay with you coming with me, I thought you two were going out tonight!" I said,

"Yeah, well she had a meeting today with her boss, so I can spend the day with my bro!" He said,

"Oh, well if she does not mind, than let's go!" I replied,

"Yeah! What time do you go on your 2nd date?" He asked,

"How do you know about that" I asked,

"Everybody knows, magazines!" He replied,

"God! That's a pic of me and her breaking up!" I said,

"That happens Louis." He replied,

"I know, but it makes me look like the bad guy!" I replied,

''Well that's what the article says." He said,

I groaned and pretended to be okay, but I wasn't! Why didn't Paul tell me? How did they get that picture of Skylar and me? Why are they getting in my business? I then got Harry to come with me on my date to be my Wingman, because I ruined it last time. Plus Harry has had more girlfriends than me.

"Dude, are you sure about this plan?" I asked,

"Yup, just go over there!" Harry said,

"Hey Louis," Skylar said,

"Hey Skylar, I'm sorry about last night, I felt like a jerk!" I said not sounding as sorry as I should have been.

"It's not your fault! It's mine!'' She rolled her eyes,

Skylar POV

As I was "Apologizing," I felt something in my heart telling me that I want him. I really don't want him, but it's like it's pumping out of my chest to get to him. I really was sorry, but like a brat that he always will be, I did not really feel sorry.

"I asked you to come here, for me to apologize," He said,

I could tell he was not really sorry and that he was just trying to protect himself.

"Yeah, I forgive you!" I said,

"Hey the couple!" An interviewer said,

"Us?" Louis pointed to us,

"Yeah! You guys make up?" He asked,

"Yeah I mean we are hugging aren't we?" Louis asked,

"You two are all over the news! Skylar Jones, you are famous!" He said,

I smiled and posed for the camera, sometimes I wonder what goes on inside his head. Oh My Gosh! He is getting on one knee! I am about to throw up! My legs are trembling my face is turning the color of a tomato!

"Skylar Jones, will you marry me?" Louis asked,

I did not know what to do, like I thought earlier Hate if I said YES! I would be an ordinary girl who blew her chance with a famous guy, if I said no! I have to make up my mind.

"Yes!" I said quickly,

"What was that?" The cameraman asked,

"YES!" I shouted,

The next morning I got up and got ready to go to LA! That is where we have to announce our engagement. I am so mad! Why did I say yes? Why did I choose Louis over Charlie? UGH! This happened too quickly, I got to stop putting soo much pressure on me. Well better head out to LA I have to make it by 6:00!

I made it! Time to announce this stupid engagement and stay famous! I quickly put on a purple mini length slim line V neck dress to match Louis outfit. I then left to the interviewers stands.

"Hey!" I said,

"Hello, you must be Skylar!" Mr. Daly said,

"I am, is Louis here?" I asked,

"Nope, he is not here yet." He said,

Ugh, he probably did not want to announce anything or was too scared!

"So are you two going out?" He asked,

"No, we haven't been seen on 2 dates and hugging," I said sarcastically,

"Oh, I like this girl's sarcasm, so you two are a thing!" He replied,

"Yeah, when he comes back we have an announcement to make!" I said,

"Oh.....!" He replied

"Hello!" Louis came in and said,

"You two are matching tonight! I like it!" He said,

"Yup! We have an announcement!" Louis said,

"So we've heard!'' He replied,

"Okay here it goes, We are engaged!" Louis said,

Everybody cheered us on, screamed, and clapped for us. I think I also heard some whistling, but we told everyone, so it's official. :/


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