Between hello and goodbye!

A story of a girl lost from district thirteen
Hunger games fan fiction


1. 1 chapter that all i have

The night was an endless pitch black canvas with the common splash of white points. In my life I can’t see the reason my fate would end in such a sad goodbye. Sometimes I hoped for more and I asked for more than the average lifestyle. My fault for shooting higher than what I deserved. Like getting into a good school, college and all the other privileges, the things that people normally have and take for granted in the Capitol... Nevertheless life had a more dangerous life for me a life with no one, where nothing is fair, and all it took to change fates’ mind was one little decision of taking advantage of our hope. Now I wander the empty ruins, alone with only my memories and regrets to keep me company. I had barely said hello to my dreams, and I have already said good bye.

They told us to always be careful from drugs, cigarettes and to be cautious when drinking alcohol. Especially when you aren’t alone. They never told us not to speak for our rights, because that is just as dangerous. I’M the girl who shot too high, I aimed for the hardest thing everyone thought was useless, and it is peace at mind not just for me but for all. Hello, my name is Via Moesial and I am the only survivor you will meet from district 13, this is the story of how I watched my whole world crash down around me.

“I only worry about you!” my innocent mother cries

“NO, I don’t want to be with you I want you gone or I will go! I need to change our way of life, you always want us in the shadows!” I lashed out at my non-deserving mother, as I stamped out of the door creating room for more depression, as I left my mum in tears. This is our moment that can change our lives. The Capitol is strong but can’t stop our will power to survive. The sights here are amazing to see people running for freedom using every opportunity to break down the rules of the unfair government. Why should we die, to provide them with what they need? Are we all just workers for the Capitol? So here we are demanding freedom even if sacrifice is necessary! We are all here screaming in rebellion cheering in happy anticipating voices with strong wind blowing in our faces as we organize our rebellion chanting to stop our hunger, even though for every inch of hope there are a thousand doubts to demolish it. That’s when the sirens go off I know it’s ALL OVER…

The screams of freedom turn to screams for help and we all know it’s over for district thirteen, for me .I run home hoping my family remain safe, at the back of my head I know whatever the danger it’s too strong and too close by! I run. I run, until I feel like my heart will pound through my chest. It’s not far enough, I’m not home yet I run, anxious, I trip and roll on the cold, grey concrete and land on my front and scream with pain. I must run! I know I must carry on but my heart and brain don’t function, I hear the wind swoosh past as if it were running with the other rebellious people, deep down we all knew it would happen. I close my eyes hoping for a dream but I know far too well it isn’t. I know it would be unfair to depend on my eyes to clean the streets behind me. There seems to be a crackling sound ahead of me, I manage to tilt my head enough to see that the ground before me is on fire…. My house, my mother, a stampede of people run away I run close hoping it was just my mind and eyes playing a sinister trick on me..

Somehow I reach the street, while I was choking on my breath as well as holding in inner pain from my muscles, strands of hair blind me from sight they drip with blood I guess I hit my head , as my hungry eyes focus on my burning destination. Hope and desperation fill my body with power to speed through the heat. My home has crumbled.

I grab the burning door handle and pull the door open, to see my mum lying on the floor not on fire but a thousand swelling wounds on her neck. Things I… I’ve never seen before. I gasp, I cry and scream louder than ever but I know it’s no use. I weep on the flames, can I be any weaker I can’t put out these flames with my tears. I run! I can’t think, if only I could stop my mind fuming. I feel alone I try to find someone to help me but no one is here district thirteen is empty. There aren’t enough dead bodies in the ruins, this isn’t all of district thirteen where, could they go? How can I get there? Why am I abandoned? Was there a plan I wasn’t part of? All I CAN do is sit and weep. This is the way they shows their power over us, they tell us that our happy moment, our shining moment can burn if they want it to. It’s my dreams end, my moment is over but my cause stays alive burning like the city that crumbles around me like its ashes do not want to be forgotten…

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