Nialls daughter!


7. the girlfriends

Louis pov

We came back from nandos. And I decided to all my girlfriend Eleanor!

(Louis-L Eleanor-E)

L- hey babe

E- hey boo bear. Oh I have a surprise for you tomorrow

L- what's would that be babe

E- well it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you. Lou I have to go now mum wants me to help her!

L- okay love you babe.

E- Love you to too

That was the end of the call. I miss el I haven't seen her in ages. I wounded what this surprise was. I can not wait tomorrow.

I got up and decided to go and watch a film in bed. I was watching Cyber bully it was a great film except when she tried to kill her self I cried at that bit. After the film ended and I wipe my tears away I went to sleep.

Liam's pov

When we got back home I went to speak to my girlfriend Sophia

(L-Liam s- Sophia)

L- hey love

S- hey babe how are you?

L- I'm good but I'm missing you tho

S- I miss you as well babe I'm free tomorrow so can I come see you and the boys

L- yeah of course babe. You can meet someone special of Niall

S- oh okay well I need to go I'm tired babe see you tomorrow love you li

L- okay babe can't wait to see you we can have li and Sophia fun😉 love you to soph

S- li stop being dirty by love you

Sophia has gone I can not wait to see her tomorrow! She is so pretty and stunning I love her so much that I want to have a life with her.

Zayn pov

I was really bored and I couldn't get to sleep. Everyone was talking to their girlfriends when I heard a knock on the door. It wasn't loud enough to be any of the boys that means that is had to be Amy. I opened the door and she ran straight to my bed

"Hey monkey!" I said

"Waynnn. Put icle mix on" she said in her little voice. It is really cute that she can not say some words properly but what do you except she is only 11 months

I put on little mix on for her she started dancing like crazy just like Niall does they have so much things in Common they are like brother and sister. The song finished and I picked her up and put her on the bed and she said "waynnn dada said there's someone on the phone for you"

I went down stairs and got on the phone

(Z-zayn P-Perrie)

Z-hello zayn speaking

P- hello Perrie here

Z-Perrie omg I miss you so much

P-I miss you too. So what you doing tomorrow?

Z-nothing really you?

P- nothing can I come and meet you then I wanna meet Nialls girlfriend

Z- that's sounds like a plan then text me before you get here I have to go And go to sleep to have my rest to see my beautiful girlfriend

P- okay bye babe love you

Z- love you to

The line went dead and I went up to the spare bed room in Nialls mansion.

Well they are more like our rooms but we has our own homes as well

*sorry I haven't published a lot been buzy with my welsh exam. I will publish more often now*

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