Nialls daughter!


4. nandos

Nialls pov

I asked who wanted to come nandos and I heard loads of yeahs.

They all came running down the stairs and Liam had Amy in his arms Liam put her down and she crawled to Emily

"Mummy chicken nug nugs" whilst waving her arms up and down like a chicken!

We all went to the car and headed off to nandos. The others went off to find a table and I had to take Amy to the baby room to change her nappy! Yes she is still in nappies I'm potty training her soon!

We walk back in and I saw where they were all sitting there deep in their chat. They all saw me and I sat Dow. Next to Emily. And I asked for a high chair from the waiter that walked past.

"Hello my name is Lilly and I'm going to be your waiter today! So can we start off with your drinks please"

" can we have two cokes a carton of Apple and 4 pints of Larger please" I replied

" and what's for you meal then please" Lilly asked

" 1 kids chicken nugget! Perri perri chicken burger! 3 plain chicken burger! 2 chicken and chips please"

"Okay that is all I will be back with your drinks"

We sat waiting for the drinks to come when Harry broke the silence! "Hey don't you think she is hot i might ask her for her number"

Harry was the only single lad left in the band

Louis had Eleanor

Liam had Sophia

Zayn had Perrie

I have my beautiful Emily

"Harry give it a go! she is is coming now here's your chance hazza" Louis said

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