Nialls daughter!


6. Lilly

Harry's pov

I was really nervous. I couldn't do it in front of my friends. She came over and handed us the drinks. I got up.

"Hey Lilly can we talk in private?"

"Erm sure but it is going to have to be quick! I can not let Steve catch me"Lilly said a little worried

"Steve?" I asked a little confused

"My horrible boss"

We walked to this empty space. Right Harry this is my time

"Erm so Lilly I was wondering if I could have you number and take you on a date some time?"

I did it. I looked at her face and she smiled.

"Yes of course"

She got out her pad and wrote her number down and put it in my hand! I smiled and I looked in her beautiful blue eyes she lead in and so did I and we kissed! No one could see us so we were okay. We walked back and she went to get is our food and I walked back to the table with the biggest smile on my face.

"So Harry did you get the number?" Liam asked

I nodded

She came back with the biggest smile on her face! She gave us all the food and little Amy as well! And she walk off

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