Nialls daughter!


3. Amy

Amy still hasn't stopped crying I'm getting a bit worried because she is my little girl after all and I don't want her to get ill would I. If I did I would be the worst father going. I still feel a bit mean to Emily because I haven't told her yet that Amy is my child. Well I haven't really told anyone that she is my child they think she is my cousin but no. She is more than that.

" da… daddy my head hurts" Amy said stuttering.

I picked her up and put her on my knee I looked at her head and she has a little bit of blood coming from the top if her head.

" EMILY GET ME A WET PIECE OF CLOTH PLEASE" I shouted she came runnin in with a piece of cloth with was wet I put it on her head where the blood was.

She soon stop crying but her head was still bleeding I put on frozen for her because my mum told me that it was her favourite film. She watched the film snuggled up Liam with the wet cloth now off her face. She soon started to fall asleep.

" I will go and put her to bed" Liam said I nodded and carried on down my twitter.

Everyone went to there room and me and Emily sat in the front room. We were cuddling whilst watching the rest of frozen. It soon finished and I was really hungry. I shouted up the stairs "anyone want to come nandos"

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