Nialls daughter!


2. after the show

The show had finished and we got of the stage and Harry screamed "MAURA" and ran over to her and gave her a Harry hug

" hello boys how are you all?" My mum asked

"We great thanks you" they replied in unison

They all gave my mum a hug and then stood still. "So Niall where is Emily?" Harry asked

"I'm here. Sorry Amy was asleep and I couldn't get her out of the car" Emily said coming behind Maura.

"Hey Emily. And this has got to me the cute little girl Niall always talks about" zayn said

Amy had woken up and she looked like she was going to cry so u picked her up from the buggy and my mum gave me all the things I need to look after her like her bottle dummy etc...

We all went back to the hotel and my mum went home and Emily stayed with us since she is going on tour with us and the other girls. I was holding Amy I'm my arms

"Dada?" Amy said in a baby voice.

"Yes dear" I replied

"Who are those smelly boys" she said rubbing her eyes.

"I'm Louis"

"Hwo(hello In child voice) wouis I'm Amy" she said

"Hello Amy I'm zayn"

"Wayn I'm Amy"

"Amy this is Harry and Liam" I said

"Warry and Wiam" she said

I put her in on the floor and I went to the kitchen where the girls where

"Hey girls" I said smiling and putting the kettle on

"Hello Niall" Eleanor(Louis girlfriend) Sophia(Liam's girlfriend) Perrie(Zayns soon to be wife) alisha(Harry's girlfriend) all said together.

"Hey babe. Where's Amy?" Emily asked

"In the room with the boys. She is playing with Harry I think why?" I asked

"Oh just asking. " her and the girls left to go in the front room when I heard little footstep behind me I turned around and saw Amy trying to get on a big chair then she fell and hit her head on the floor she started crying. I ran to her and picked her up trying to her to calm down

"It's okay let's go and take you to mummy." I said rubbing her head walking into the ground room

I was on the way to the front room when I bumped into Emily on way

"Is she okay we heard her crying?" Emily asked.

"Oh yeah she just fell over that all" I replied

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