Meeting Lucky


2. A visit to a friends with dad

I was only six, and I was in love with horses. My dad had many friends and clients who owned horses. On this specific day in August he had asked me if I wanted to go on a car ride with him. He had to go fix his friend's computer. When he pulled up to the driveway, I was bouncing in excitement.. I had no idea what would become of that day. I was really excited when I saw the horses. I saw a huge brown/red- I now know that color as a sorrel in hose coat color terms- horse with white markings running in a fenced in area. He looked so beautiful, with his heels kicked up, head thrown back as if in laughter, mane and tail flowing out from behind him. Once I was at the fence -I was quick to learn not to touch the metal, for it was electric- He stopped. We stared at each other, trying to see what the other strange being would do. I stretched my hand out, like you would to a dog you've never met. The strange yet beautiful horse sniffed my hand, then licked it. I giggled at the wet slobbery horse saliva on my hand. I bent down and pulled up some grass and offered it to him. He gingerly, as best he could without trying to nip me, took the grass from my outstretched palm. I began to stroke his giant head, and kissed his nose. I then went inside to see what my dad was doing. He was still working on the computer. "DADDY! I'M GOING BACK OUT BY THE HORSIES!" I yelled walking back outside to the animals that I had fell in love with. Once my dad came outside to check on me and told me we had only 15 more minutes I was upset. 'John' as I would come to call him 'Uncle John' or 'Grandpa', said I could help him feed the horses. I was thrilled when I got to give the horse I was playing with his grain. "Kayla, The brown/red horse you just fed was Lucky. The other brown/red one is Amber, his mother. The short one with the narrow head is Sprite." John told me. I walked up to Lucky and kissed his huge forehead then whispered "Bye, Lucky! I hope I'll see you again when my dad comes here next." "C'mon Bug, we gotta go!" My dad yelled. "Coming!" I screamed walking to the car. "Daddy, when can we come here again? I want to see Lucky and Sprite and Amber more!" I begged. "Soon." My father replied. Two days later we had to go back. I walked up to Lucky and started petting him and kissing him. "Hey, Kayla!" I walked over to my dad. "What?" I asked him. "Do you want to learn how to ride like Sam?" My dad asked me pointing at the girl on the horse in the arena. "Yeah!" I say jumping up and down. "Lessons can start in September." Mr.Boyd said.

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