The Sixth Dungeon

The Sixth Dungeon is the dungeon at all who enters, never return. The brave spark appeared on young Caethrix's face as he travelled inside, along with his trusted allies. Monsters, adventures, traps, and many puzzles, possibly romance can be found on this story of a book! (wrote by a 11 year old)


2. Truth Or Dare

"Geez, how horrifying." "Don't worry dude! To pass the time, let's play Truth or Dare," Vincent cheered me. 20 minutes later, Vincent came with Pamela too. Along with a tall, spiky blonde-haired guy. "Hi, call me Wilson, " he said in a gentle voice.


While, it is my turn at last. I chose dare, and Vincent spoke, "I dare you.. to go to The Sixth Dungeon!!" Everyone gasped in surprise. "What!? Are you crazy, Vincent!?" "Don't worry, the 3 of us will accompany you," Vincent said with a touch of warmth. "No, I'm not into this!" "C'mon, Caethrix! Think about the mysteries, adventures, and supernatural findings!" "You gotta admit, I'm kinda excited. Fine I'll go, but you owe me a soda!" I challenged.


I brought us some food and water, then we headed inside the dark, dark cave of The Sixth Dungeon. We saw 2 paths, one with light, and another is a dark cave. We went to the path with light, then found a journal with a strange symbol, and with the number "67".

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