The Sixth Dungeon

The Sixth Dungeon is the dungeon at all who enters, never return. The brave spark appeared on young Caethrix's face as he travelled inside, along with his trusted allies. Monsters, adventures, traps, and many puzzles, possibly romance can be found on this story of a book! (wrote by a 11 year old)


3. Journal 67

"Strange," I said. Journal 67 seemed like a weird place to be here, and this what it says on the first page, "I feared that this day would have come, and he returned. Beyond it is the Oculus Drift, and I ran away, leaving this journal, and my weapon behind for anyone who needs help to survive in this prison while I make a sacrifice."


I found a green, light-flashing lightsaber. "Oh man, that's sweet!" Vincent complimented me. It has a weird code of letters, not knowing what it says.


"Well, we can continue up in the dark caves," I suggested. As I lay a step in the dark cave, I could already feel that something is terribly wrong, but what?


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