The Sixth Dungeon

The Sixth Dungeon is the dungeon at all who enters, never return. The brave spark appeared on young Caethrix's face as he travelled inside, along with his trusted allies. Monsters, adventures, traps, and many puzzles, possibly romance can be found on this story of a book! (wrote by a 11 year old)


4. Dead End

It was creepy, that's for sure. "Um, we should get out of here," Pamela added. I said, "No way, we're going in!" But still, I was freaked. When we walked more into and into the cave, we come until a rocky dead end. "Oh, too bad guys," Wilson said. I'm not really sure what to do next, except go up to the surface. Surprisingly, we did not came across any "monsters" or "aliens" or anything. As we were on our usual hang-out area, we discussed about the weird symbol on the lightsaber. We kept this secret, and we were flabbergasted when the symbol shined in absolute brightness.

While we kept silent, we carried on with our everyday lives, and in the future I bet it will be a lot more exciting then this...

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