Sugar, they're going down. (twd based)

A zombie outbreak has occured and a group of total strangers have to work together and fight for survival or risk loosing each other. New relationships begin to form and the group begins to crumble can they make it alone or were they doomed from the beginning?

if you like this, check out Emma's story that my good friend emilyanbruno is writing, it is titled *dramatic pause* 'sugar I'm going down' cool huh?


10. Safe, for the meanwhile

The two carried the carcass back to the camp, through the tangle of trees near the concealed entrance and into the clearing. They set it down, exchanging a knowing smile as they looked at eachother. Hollie skipped over, her clothes stained in blackberry juice. Emma looked up at them and held up a cloth dripping in purple liquid and smiled, "We have berries, thanks to Hollie".

Hollie stood in front of Ruth and folded her arms behind her back, biting her lip in knowing excitement.

"Ru-uth" she asked giving her a cheeky smile, "Do you love Dante?" she giggled as Ruth blushed and Dante chuckled, standing behind her. "Uhm... do you want to help me skin this?" she knelt beside the deer and held out her knife, handle towards Hollie, who took it carefully.

"Ok" She slowly made an incision to pull the skin away in one piece but sneakily leaned into Ruth's ear as she was also helping and whispered, "You do love him, I can see it in your eyes".

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