Sugar, they're going down. (twd based)

A zombie outbreak has occured and a group of total strangers have to work together and fight for survival or risk loosing each other. New relationships begin to form and the group begins to crumble can they make it alone or were they doomed from the beginning?

if you like this, check out Emma's story that my good friend emilyanbruno is writing, it is titled *dramatic pause* 'sugar I'm going down' cool huh?


2. I fell.

Ruth crashed through the undergrowth, jumped over a fallen tree and cashed into something hard, knocking her, and whatever it was flying. It stood up and brushed itself off, swearing under its breath. Ruth scrambled for her gun and pointed it into the dingy dark. A tall, lean boy with a mop of curly hair stepped into the dying light. "Watch where you're going"

"Sorry I fell" the boy angrily held out a hand to help her up. His face softened as he saw Ruth wince as she stood up. "Are you ok?" he asked concerned.

"Just a little bruised" she laughed lightly and let go of his hand. She looked at his face and stature and stood thinking for a while.

"What's going on?" she said after a few minutes. The boy shrugged, "The dead are up and walking I guess, probably an infection spread through the corpses, causing them to re-animate." He looked past Ruth into the dark. "Great," he said to himself and looked back to Ruth, "we got to go" he said grabbing her hand and sprinting off. A walker stumbled into view behind them and Ruth quickly followed.

Over roots and ditches they leapt not letting go of eachother, until something lodged itself in the tree next to them. It was an arrow.

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