Sugar, they're going down. (twd based)

A zombie outbreak has occured and a group of total strangers have to work together and fight for survival or risk loosing each other. New relationships begin to form and the group begins to crumble can they make it alone or were they doomed from the beginning?

if you like this, check out Emma's story that my good friend emilyanbruno is writing, it is titled *dramatic pause* 'sugar I'm going down' cool huh?


9. Hunting trip

Hollie swung down from a branch and sat with a thump beside Emma who was sharpening some of her arrows. Dante and Ruth had gone foraging, leaving Emma to look after a now fully healed and hyperactive Hollie.

"Siddown squirt" she said as Hollie swung her legs beneath her, "Otherwise I'll poke ya with one of my arrows" Hollie bit back a giggle as Emma nudged her playfully. The two seemed to get on like a house on fire which made the situation a little less ominous, "There's some blackberries in that bush over there, go pick a few for us". Hollie slid off the branch and skipped over to the plant thick with ripe fruit "And mind the prickles"


Ruth trudged through the undergrowth as she quietly tracked a monk deer that had passed through only a few minutes before. Dante followed silently behind, not making a sound. His knife at the ready and Ruth's bow and quiver slung over her back. A glimmer of movement caught her eye as she waved Dante to a standstill. She put a finger to her lips, in amongst the trees, no more than 10 foot up ahead was the deer, grazing on the wild flowers and ferns growing there.

She loaded her bow and took aim. The arrow went with a satisfying whoosh as it cut through the air, getting the deer right in the eye.

She bit back an accomplished yell and turned to grin at Dante. He smile dropped as she looked at him, he was looking straight at her. She stood up from her crouch. 

And as suddenly as the rain falls in April, he was kissing her. His arms pulled her closer as she snaked her own around his shoulders. The world seemed to fall away and only the other was left standing there. They finished with a flourish of lighthearted smiles.

"that was interesting" Ruth walked over to the carcass, "Now are you gonna help me drag this back or not?" Dante chuckled and walked over.

"of course"

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