Sugar, they're going down. (twd based)

A zombie outbreak has occured and a group of total strangers have to work together and fight for survival or risk loosing each other. New relationships begin to form and the group begins to crumble can they make it alone or were they doomed from the beginning?

if you like this, check out Emma's story that my good friend emilyanbruno is writing, it is titled *dramatic pause* 'sugar I'm going down' cool huh?


4. Camping out

"I suppose we better make camp" Dante sighed. Ruth picked up her rucksack that she had slung by the tree when they had stopped running. Emma hopped down from her perch on the steep bank above them and skidded to a halt at the bottom, "You're a pretty girl aintcha?" She smiled grabbing Ruth by the neck and twisting her head in front of her own. Her tangled matte of hair and dirty clothes made her look like a snatcher from the movies Ruth knew so well- Harry Potter. Ruth scowled and moved away from her grip. "Get off me"

"Ooh, feisty this one int she?" She grinned wider and looked to Dante, who was sat at the base of the tree with his eyes shut, "Let her go" he said quietly, not moving or opening his eyes.

Ruth rubbed her throat and looked to Dante "well, where are we camping?"



Dante nodded and got up, he pointed to an ancient willow with low boughs "that should give us enough cover "

"I can make a hammock" Emma said walking up to them both and mounting a branch "something safe where no walker can getcha"

Ruth glanced at Dante and whispered "are you sure we can trust her?"

"of course not. That's why I've got my knife on me" Ruth opened her mouth in confusion but shrugged and opened her bag, throwing some twine at Emma who caught it skilfully. "Let's get started"

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