Sugar, they're going down. (twd based)

A zombie outbreak has occured and a group of total strangers have to work together and fight for survival or risk loosing each other. New relationships begin to form and the group begins to crumble can they make it alone or were they doomed from the beginning?

if you like this, check out Emma's story that my good friend emilyanbruno is writing, it is titled *dramatic pause* 'sugar I'm going down' cool huh?


8. Bandages

Ruth leapt back in surprise and Emma yelled a word so unimaginable that it made Ruth glare at her. "What the hell!" Dante pulled out his pistol and pulled back the hammer waiting for the girl to move.

No one dared breathe.

What seemed like an age passed and then, it groaned.

Not like a walker groan, like someone in pain. Dante slipped his gun back into his pocket and crouched down by the girl's side, smoothing some of the hair out of her eyes "Are you ok?" Emma was still staring in shock and Ruth slowly crouched beside Dante. The girl groaned again and tried to move, blood and mud was spattered across her face and clung to her clothes. She had blonde hair with a slight wave to it and couldn't be older than ten.

A small mutter escaped her lips "My- my wrist" Dante slowly rolled her onto her back and gently examined her wrist. He was so careful and  tender it gave a brief glimpse into the soft boy behind the hard façade. "Do you want me to do anything" Ruth said quietly.

"I have some bandages in my bag, would you mind getting them?" he asked. She picked up the tattered rucksack that he had slung down when they first entered Emma's forest and fished around for them.

Eventually she pulled out the roll of fabric and tossed it to him which he caught easily with one hand. "Emma can you just help me get her upright?" He asked, Emma nodded and slipped off her perch and crept over to where Dante was crouched,  they each  helped push her up by taking a shoulder each whilst Ruth came over and put a supporting arm around her back. 

"I'm Hollie" the girl managed to say, wincing as Dante wrapped the bandage around her wrist,

"Hollie, that's a nice name... sorry but I have to wrap them tight" he frowned, "what were you doing all the way up there?"

"I was-" she winced again "I was running away, I find it easier in the trees than I do on foot and I guess I misjudged how slippery it would be and fell"

"does it  hurt anywhere else? Here, let me help you up" Dante took hold of Hollie's good hand and pulled her to her feet "just a slight pain in my ankle but nothing I can't deal with"

A small smile flitted across Ruth's face "well how about you join our team Hollie, you look like a skilled hunts woman" Hollie nodded her head vigorously, her loose blonde curls jiggling as she did so "that would be great, thanks"

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