Stop The Pain

Stop the pain is a fan fiction about a girl named Leslie who likes Pierce the veil and all her friends bully her and call her "emo" and many other names.

she rises above her so called friends and meets the light of her life Vic Futenes.

she is faced with the challenge of leaving home to live with Vic or staying to help her single mother Anne, take care of the new triplets.

long story short she is faced with many challenges and manages to overcome them and become a successful young woman.


1. Intro



                   This morning I woke up and I had a feeling it was going to be a bad day. Mom was downstairs with Eddie, my brother. I got up and brushed my hair. As i was going to get in the shower, my twin sister Kayla came up behind me and tapped my shoulder. "holy crap! Margret jeez." she was very quiet. "sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.."  "its fine, whats up?" "Mom needs us to stay home with Eddie tonight."  "i can't," I replied. "just have Arielle help you.  I'm going out tonight," i smirked "With Joe."

                    She was clearly pissed. I walked by her and proceded to get in the shower. 


                Joe is me best friend. We met in 7th grade and kinda clicked. we've never dated and I've hooked him up with most of his girl friends. Anyway, we were going out on our first date tonight, I think its just as friends, but our friend Brian thinks differently.

                    He says Joe is in to me and has been ever sence 7th grade. it makes no sence though because I've only had 1 boyfriend between now and then and it was only for 2 years. I know it sounds silly, only 2 years. Its a long time.  His name is Jake. Me and Jake dated for two years, in 9th and 10th grade. we dated for 3 months in 6th grade but i broke up with him to go out with Elorde. Elorde is my best friend that is a girl Joe is my best friend that is a guy. word got around that me and her were dating and we got bullied badly. we came together and both decided it would be a good idea to end our relationship and just be friends. Nobody believed us and we got bullied worse so we stopped speaking to each other all togther. we unfriended each other on facebook and un-followed on instagram. we stopped texting forgot each others birthdays and basicly forgot about each other. Years later (in 9th grade) i saw her at a party and we started chatting. Were best friends again.




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