Gracie needs to just tell the Truth...
Gracie Sarindo is getting bullied because of the fact that she ruined a party by calling the cops.
All of her friends have left her, she gets pushed in the halls, and she just can't tell people why she called the cops.
She hasn't told anyone at all why she called the cops, in fact, not even her mom or dad. They'd be too ashamed.


1. Hell. I Mean...School


I nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

The councilor nodded. "Do you know why everyone dislikes you?"

I can either lie about it or just nod and not tell her why...

I nod my head. "Yeah," I squeak, quieter than a mouse.

"May you tell me why, please?" Suddenly, I remember I am in a group. A group for girls who can't make friends. I can't tell them. Not about the party, not about the alcohol, not about the boy, not about...anything. I've already told them too much.

"I mean, I meant to, I don't know why people hate me, I mean, I, urr..."

"Go ahead, sweetie. Don't be afraid, we're your friends. We won't judge you."

Yes, you will. You don't know what happened. I start to gnaw on my bottom lip.

I look around and everyone's staring at me, waiting for my response.

I make a run for it.

I stop by the cafeteria doors, panting and gasping for air. I'm sitting.

Someone looks at me. The new girl.

"Hi! I'm Abbey from North Carolina."

Well, Abbey, you're sure not going to like it here in Georgia.

I stop gnawing my scabby lips and stand up. "I'm Gracie. Gracie Sardino."

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