What It's Like to be a Mom (Sequel to: What It's Like to be in Hell and Heaven)

28 year-old Angel finally gets rid of her mom, or so she thinks.
This is a SEQUEL, please read What It's Like to be in Hell and Heaven FIRST. Thanks!


1. Mean Monsters and Nice Monsters

"CADENCE! CAPRICE! JOSHUA!" I called for my family. Josh always played outside with the girls, and he really enjoyed it, too.

"Dinner time!" Josh said, licking his lips. The girls both jumped on his back and giggled as he stomped to the back door, pretending to be a monster.

"Let us in, Mommy!" Josh said in a funny monster voice. "We're hungry!" The girls giggled.

"No mean monsters in the house! You'll scare Clarice!"

"We're not mean monsters! Daddy is!" Cadence said.

"I'm only three!" Caprice exclaimed. Josh and I laughed.

"Yes, you are," I said, "I'll let you in." I opened the door a little bit, just enough to let Caprice in.

I helped her to get in her chair and gave her some homemade pizza.

"Mommy! I'm only seven!" Cadence said. I let her in, too.

I whispered just loud enough so that Josh would hear, "Do you think we should let Daddy in?"

"Well, he laughed," Cadence said, "so he must not be that mean."

"Alright...let's go let him in, I guess..." The girls ran over to the door and let Josh in.

Clarice kicked my belly. "Aww, Daddy! You woke Clarice up! Maybe you aren't a nice monster after all!"

We all laughed.

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