He stays for them

Dante was just a normal socially awkward loving 15 year old. Until he his thrown into a world that doesn't understand. The world has been taken over by the living dead, Dante realises he must get to his loved ones before they and himself are dead.


2. Infection spreads pt2

Dante awoke head squashed into a air bag, how long was I out he wondered to himself. Mason was gone only leaving his switchblade in his place with a note attached. "Go to my house kill everyone of them you see, no mercy. Mason. Dante didn't know what was meant by this. He took the knife anyway and exited the car finding out that his shoulder was bleeding. He could barely move his right arm. He manned up and set off for Mason down the empty streets. faint sounds of screams could be heard but Dante didn't care much of strangers and continued on. "HELP" a woman screamed, she was surrounded by a dozen people all blood dripping from their mouths, Dante turned the woman was a police officer, she pulled up her pistol and shot two of them. "Kid help me" she shrieked. Dante was asked to kill he rushed up to the crowd and stabbed one of the attackers in the shoulder to cripple not kill. the person took no notice and turned to Dante ad took a attempted to bite him he swiftly dodged it and kicked the man down. "The brain, it has to be the brain" the woman yelled over he moans of the people. Two more shots fired and two dropped. Dante stabbed his previous attacker in the head and watched as the little life it had left drained from its pale face. He stabbed another, then another, then another, after a few shots he stopped and they were all dead he was breathing heavily and a few tears fell from his eyes. The police officer tried to comfort him "its ok kid, they weren't human not anymore" she told him. "Its some sort of disease, turns you crazy makes you go cannibal and you can only be killed by a hit to the brain". Dante stood numb he'd just killed several living things or at least slightly living. "Where want me to take ya, boy, not leaving you till I know your safe" the cop said. Dante finally spoke "follow me"

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