He stays for them

Dante was just a normal socially awkward loving 15 year old. Until he his thrown into a world that doesn't understand. The world has been taken over by the living dead, Dante realises he must get to his loved ones before they and himself are dead.


1. Infection spreads pt1

Dante sat on the bus, staring out the window listening to his music ignoring the person next to him. He desperately wanted to go home, he could tell people were making fun of him at that very moment. He had enough problems at home without people making fun of him. Dante's mother had been bitten by some crazy loon as he was leaving for school that morning and had to be rushed to hospital, this was his problem, he had to babysit his too sisters, one of which was twelve the other 6, at the moment his grand father was over watching the two till Dante arrived home but Dante was planning to see the only person who could keep him happy first. his bus finally arrived at his stop. He pushed his way though the person in seat next to him and walked off the bus. He began his walk to his girlfriend Megan's house, he knocked on the door but nobody answered. He was abit saddened by this but he brushed it off and went to go home when his Mason drove round the corner in his old clunker of a car. Mason spotted Dante and stopped "you want a lift" he yelled, Dante quickly ran over to the passenger seat door and entered the car. "You alright bro" Mason asked. Dante nodded "yeah just kinda depressed with my mum and watching over the girls and shit". Mason nodded a little staring at the road. He smiled at his own thought "well lets go on a joyride to cheer my good friend here" he chuckled and flew round the corner. Dante smiled a little "ok, bro let do it" the drove at the fastest the old car could handle. but Mason didn't notice the man in the way and hit him and the swerved and crashed.

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