Torn|Ashton Irwin

Annabeth was heart broken when Ashton Irwin from 5 seconds of summer broke up with her to go on their upcoming tour. Every since then Anna was laying in bed and not saying a word for 3 months straight but one day she decided to get out of house but when she ran into Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings confusion hit her straight away. Luke told her that her dad got offered a job of being their bodyguard for their tour that still hasn't started yet. She could come with and bring a friend and that was exactly what she did. She was determined to get Ashton back but something shot her confidence back down. He was already taken.


1. What?

Ashton Irwin, Yes the guy who stole my heart and made me feel special is across the world right now as we speak. The cold liquid that has been familiar these past months ran down my face falling on my left motionless hand. I feel like a piece of my heart is taken or stolen from me and I cant get it back. I know I shouldn't be feeling like this, I know I should be happy that I'm not seeing his face but its hard trying to get that little perfect face of his out of my mind. I wake up everyday with him fresh in my mind and thinking he would come back and say he loves me and say that he is sorry for leaving me making me feel useless and not good enough for him.

"Anna get your ass out of that bed we are going out for some coffee, you need it" Zoey shouted from downstairs letting her voice echo through the empty house. I groaned and struggled to lift my body up and restore the energy that was once in my body 3 months ago. Finally my body was sat straight and restored but my heart wasn't. I brushed the blonde ombré hair out of my face and back in place. It took all my power just to stand up and get ready but i needed to get out of the house and push all the weights of my body and just move on. 

"What took you so long?" Zoey asked with sarcasm in her voice

"Zo I'm not in the mood for a laugh" I whispered but I got shocked when I finally let simple words out of my mouth after so long of being silent and keeping my thoughts to myself
"Here I think you might need it" Zoey protested while handing me a mint. I took it and popped it into my mouth tasting the mint flavour straight away. I started walking to the door indicating Zoey that I want to leave. Once we both got out the door I locked it and walked over to the bronze car door. Once we got in I started to turn the radio on. 

"Ashton Irwin From 5 Seconds Of Summer Was Seen Holding Hands And Kissing A Blonde Girl Outside Of Starbucks, Where Is Annabeth? Is Annaton Over?, That Is The Celeb News For Today We Are Going To End This With 5SOS New Song 'She Looks So Perfect'!" The radio announced and then 5sos song came on great way to start the day! 

"Wanna turn it off?" Zoey Asked looking at me with worry in her eyes

I shook my head and just looked forward while the song filled my ears. He moved on then why shouldn't i?  I wouldn't feel any pain anymore if I move on but the point is that I cant. Once we arrived at Starbucks I shot straight out the car walking into the building but regretting it straight away when I heard two familiar voices fill my ears. 

"Hey Anna I know your really hungry but can you not leave me alone again like that" Zoey spoke making the two boys shoot their attention straight to us

"Anna?" One of the boys questioned clearly shocked to see me

I sighed but put a fake smile on straight away when I turned towards him

"Hey Ashton" I smiled but secretly died inside seeing his face again after 3 months 

"How have you been?" He asked again but this time he was smirking 

I stayed silent. Oh you wanna know how I've been well guess what I've been awful knowing your across the world or thought you were and you didn't even give a crap about me. You didn't even think about me and just forgot about me. I was stupid to actually think you loved me or even care about me but no again I thought wrong and seeing you getting really close to that blonde girl made me feel like I didn't mean anything to you. But if I said that I would of just seemed like the girl that didn't move on from a guy that clearly did. I just replied with a good.
"Great" Ashton whispered while looking back at his food 

"Um do you wanna join us?" Luke asked while smiling at us 

"SURE" Zoey answered before I could say no

I groaned to myself and sat down next to Luke and across from Ashton. I took glances at him now and then but mostly focused on the conversation that Luke And Zoey was having. 

"So Anna did you hear?" Luke questioned 

I shook my head but I got more curious of what he was gonna say 

"Your dad is going to be our bodyguard for our upcoming tour and you get to come with and bring one friend" he smiled 

My eyes widen and I stare at him with shock. Me and my dad is going to have a talk tonight.

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