Torn|Ashton Irwin

Annabeth was heart broken when Ashton Irwin from 5 seconds of summer broke up with her to go on their upcoming tour. Every since then Anna was laying in bed and not saying a word for 3 months straight but one day she decided to get out of house but when she ran into Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings confusion hit her straight away. Luke told her that her dad got offered a job of being their bodyguard for their tour that still hasn't started yet. She could come with and bring a friend and that was exactly what she did. She was determined to get Ashton back but something shot her confidence back down. He was already taken.


3. Plan

I wasn't looking where I was going, my eyes are to watery. I stopped and stumbled to the floor when I bumped into so someone.

"OMG are you ok?" He screeched helping me up

"I'm fine thank u" I replied whipping the tear across my face. I looked up and saw Lenny my long last best friend from when I was a little 3 year old.

"LENNY" I screamed and jumped on top of him wrapping my legs around his waist

"ANNA" he screamed back and hugged me as tight as he can

"What are u doing here and why are u crying?" He whispered whipping a tear from my face

I had to come up with some lie

"My mum died and I'm moving to England" I whispered and looked down

"OMG, Anna why didn't you tell me?" He asked shocked

"Because we weren't in touch at the time" I frowned and looked down once again

"Can I do anything to make you happier?" He asked

That's when a idea came popping into my head

"You know Ashton? My ex" I asked and he nodded in return

"Well we broke up and he has a new girlfriend and I cant stand them being together, can we fake date to make him jealous, that's the only thing that can make me happier" I explained and tears came to my eyes just talking about them

"Of course I would if that's the only thing that would make you feel better" he smiled

"Come on tour with us okay?" I smiled and took his hand and started walking towards the gateway

What? I could fight back with evil couldn't i?


Sorry that its so short but next chapter I would make it longer

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