Torn|Ashton Irwin

Annabeth was heart broken when Ashton Irwin from 5 seconds of summer broke up with her to go on their upcoming tour. Every since then Anna was laying in bed and not saying a word for 3 months straight but one day she decided to get out of house but when she ran into Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings confusion hit her straight away. Luke told her that her dad got offered a job of being their bodyguard for their tour that still hasn't started yet. She could come with and bring a friend and that was exactly what she did. She was determined to get Ashton back but something shot her confidence back down. He was already taken.


2. Meeting 'Her'

"But dad you cant force me to go" I whined and followed dad around while he is packing

"Anna stop whining your going if you like it or not and you can take Zoey with" he strictly said making it clear that I have to go

I groaned and pulled out my phone that was in my tight pocket. I dialled Zoey's number and went straight up to my room getting ready to pack. I waited for awhile for Zoey to pick up while I reach for my suitcase that was on the top shelf.

"Hello?" Zoey answered

"Zo, my dad said that I have to go wether i like it or not, so can you come with or not?" I asked still reaching for the suitcase

"Um yeah I can go, I'll be there in like 10 minutes with my suitcase packed and everything" she answered

"Great cya then, Bye" i hovered my finger over the 'End' button before hearing the call had ended

I slipped my phone back into my pocket and reached up again for my suitcase. I was just about to get it down when I saw two pair of hands take the suitcase down before I could.

"Come on we are going to be late for our flight, pack and get ready" dad strictly ordered and walked out of the room

I rolled my eye and started to pack most of my clothes considering that we will be on tour for a year. I went through my clothes but stopped when I came around a certain jumper, it was Ashton's. I traced my fingers over it feeling the softness upon my finger tips, tears started forming in my eyes. NO ! I'm not going to cry again over Ashton, remember he has moved on so I should to. I ripped the jacket of the hanger and put it in my backpack.

"Still crying over him?" Zoey frowned standing at the door leaning on the door frame

I shook my head and zipped up my suitcase

"Let's go" I mumbled and walked downstairs with Zoey carrying my other suitcase. Once we reached the bottom dad took the suitcase from my hand and walked outside a swinging it in the back of the black RUV. Zoey and I walked outside and got into the car, my eyes widen when I say Luke,Calum,Michael,Ashton and that blonde girl. Well this just got awkward all of a sudden.

"Um hi" I waved and gulped

"Hey, um Anna this is Chloe my girlfriend" Ashton Smiled

"Hi its nice to meet you" I smiled and held my hand out for her to shake

"Hi Anna it's nice to meet you to" she smiled and took my hand shaking it

I looked over at Zoey and gulped again, she just shrugged and looked at Luke continuing their conversation

"Anna its been a long time how have you been" Calum asked looking at me

Ashton suddenly turned his attention to me and Calum

"Um great"I whispered looking down at my hands

Once I hears thousands of girly screams I knew immediately that we arrived at the airport. Once we stopped the manager told us that there was to many girls outside so we had to travel in groups. It was Luke And Zoey first then Calum And Michael Then Ashton and I since Ashton wanted Chloe to be safe with my dad.

Everyone went and it was only Me, Ashton and Chloe on the bus. When my dad came back he told Ashton to grip onto me as tight as he can since its a huge crowd. Ashton and I was about to go before Chloe stopped Ashton with a kiss. I looked away since I didn't want to tear up again, that use to be me and now it's all gone.

I looked back when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I looked to see Ashton staring at me seeing if I'm ready to go or not. I nodded and that's when he opened the car door and gripped onto my waist as tight as he can.

Once we came contact with the crowd everyone was trying to rip me apart from Ashton but they couldn't manage because Ashton's grip was to tight. Once we made it inside Ashton pushed me into a closet near the bathrooms that were near the entrance. I looked at him with full suspicion.

"Why did you look away when Chloe And I kissed?" He asked looking at my eyes searching for any answers. That's it I cant hold it in anymore.

"Because Ashton the thing I don't understand is why did you break up with me when the tour didn't even start and then just went straight to Chloe. You threw away a 3 year relationship because of what?, I was not speaking or eating for gods sake I wasn't even getting out of bed and you think that I would just be amazing when the love of my life broke up with me for god knows what reason" I whisper shouted

He looked at me stunned thats what made me scoff and walk out the door to find all the boys and Zoey standing outside the closet door looking shocked that's when I started to tear up and run to the gateway that we were suppose to go to.

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