Torn|Ashton Irwin

Annabeth was heart broken when Ashton Irwin from 5 seconds of summer broke up with her to go on their upcoming tour. Every since then Anna was laying in bed and not saying a word for 3 months straight but one day she decided to get out of house but when she ran into Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings confusion hit her straight away. Luke told her that her dad got offered a job of being their bodyguard for their tour that still hasn't started yet. She could come with and bring a friend and that was exactly what she did. She was determined to get Ashton back but something shot her confidence back down. He was already taken.


4. Its Wrong

"Could you tell me why the hell your with Lenny?" Calum asked

"She's so trying to make Ashton jelly!" Michael screamed out

"HEY! Shut up! And yes I am but don't tell him please" I pleaded giving them my puppy dog eyes

"Ok but Anna, this isn't the way to get him back" Calum answered back then went back to whatever he was doing

Maybe he was right, maybe I shouldn't do this! I shouldn't ruin someone's relationship just because I'm jealous, I should tell him how I feel and tell him I want him back, but I'm afraid he might turn me down. I DONT KNOW!

Maybe this wasn't a good idea. Since Lenny sat far away from me I texted him saying the favour is off, this isn't the way to get him back. The best friend he is said its fine and he totally agrees with me. I just miss him so much.

"so did you call it off?" Calum asked turning his gaze back to me

I just nodded and looked down

"Anna, he loves you so much but what you did hurt him, he moved on and I think you should to" Calum explained and patted my back for comfort

"That's the problem Calum, I cant" I cried

"Then try your best to show him that you really care about him!" He said

"What if he doesn't feel the same?" I asked with tears still in my eyes

"Then move on"


Sorry that I haven't updated for so LONG!! I was busy with some of my other books but I promise I'll update soon

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