I'm Amy Mikayla Ross.I'm a world famous actress,BFF with Selena Gomez,Demi Lovato and any other celeb.One day....
''Amy!''Demi shouted from one seat in the VIP lodge.She was sitting next to a blonde boy.I sat on her left''Niall,this is my BFF Amy,Amy this is Niall Horan from 1D''she said and i smiled''It's a pleasure to meet you Amy''Niall said and i blushed''Very nice too meet you Nialli'm flattered.You're the first gentleman i've met in a long time''the door of the VIP lodge opened with a slam.A curly boy,a boy with a quiff and two more boys entered the room''Excuse me ladies,those are my band mates''Niall said


2. Brit awards

''Amy Ross is speaking''i answered the phone''Hey girl!Me,Bella,Demi and Sel were wondering,wanna come over?''she asked and i laughed''Sure,at your place in a hour''i said''That's what she needs just to say goodbye to her new boyfriend,give her two''i heard Demi in the background''I heard you Demi!I'll be there''i said and ended the call.I gone up to my room and picked out a outfit( ).I was about to walk downstairs and i felt a pair of hands slide around my waist from the back''Harry!''i said and he laughed''How did you knooow??''he asked and i rolled my eyes''I have to go to Zendaya's,we'll finish this later''i said and turned to him.I kissed his cheek and got out of his grip.I walked downstairs and out the door.Before i closed it i sent Harry an air kiss.I walked to Zen's and ringed her bell.She opened it''Ameesss!''she said and hugged me''Zen!''i said and hugged her back.We stopped hugging and walked inside.The girls were in the living room''Amey!Lovely dress my girl''Bella said and i smirked'I have my style Bell''i said and sat next to Sel.My phone rang-Harry''Amy on the phone''i said pretending it's someone else''Babeee!!I already miss you!''he said and i rolled my eyes''I miss you too.Bye''i said and ended the call''Who was that?''Z asked and i shrugged''Mom,she's on her honeymoon with Edwin''Edwin is my stepdad,my mom's second husband.''Oh,ok''she said...





I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!Hi guyzies,sorry Magic has dissapeared,my stupid cousin deleted it :-( anyway here you goo

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