When Almond Bloom, a headstrong, young orphan is adopted by Miss. Skadal, she believes that she's hiding something. Something big. But is she? and if so, what could it be...


4. mrs Skadal starts getting fishy

We finally reached her old, crooked door step. I wanted to go back. Its strange to think that I'd always had wanted to leave and now I only wanted to return.

She saw me looking, staring at her large door knocker . I winced as I realised what I saw..

It was a vivid image of a child, a slave of some kind being punished. The slave's pale thin face grimaced as he took a dreadful punishment . His face could only be described as contorted with pain.

"Beautiful isn't it' she said, after having seen me staring at it.

'Yes' I said no longer certain I should be there.

'I need to go to the bathroom if that's ok.' After some time I prompted her, 'Um, where is it?'

Still distant as if in a deep, uninterrupted thought she replied down the hall to the right...

I almost ran there feeling her penetrating jet blue eyes follow me as I went.

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