When Almond Bloom, a headstrong, young orphan is adopted by Miss. Skadal, she believes that she's hiding something. Something big. But is she? and if so, what could it be...


3. Highland Gardens

When distant aunts, uncles and other relatives rejected me, Highland Gardens was told that I was too much for anyone to bear and that I didn't think they were good enough to take care of me. I was thinking that very thing but I would never have told them. They must have read my thoughts like a book!

So there I was, abandoned forever and extremely lonely. Until one day a kind woman with a large posh car pulled up in to our narrow driveway. As soon as she stepped out I knew I was going to like her. Infact, even before I heard her car rumble down the twisted road I sensed someone was coming, someone who would eventually change my distant life forever. I assumed a position, my face pushed against the glass of our window and waited...

When she finally hurled herself out of the car, I caught my first glimpse of the mysterious figure who had caused so much havoc downstairs with the new comers.

She, however, must have already seen me because the first thing she did was look up and grin unblinkingly in my direction. I froze for a moment remembering not to stare, as it is 'a rude habit' and looked nervously away. It was as if her eyes had caught mine for a fraction of time and when it ended, all I could do was pretend something really interesting was in the corner of my bare room.

Miss Skadal could only have been at the orphanage for a few minutes before I was out the door and riding home with her in her flashy car. Apparently she wasn't even at the orphanage to pick up someone! But since we'd struck it off at hello, she'd made the unregretable decision of taking me home in an instant.

I started doubting Miss Skadal before we'd even reached her house. I asked her why she'd driven to the orphanage, if not with original intentions of taking a child. I must have said the wrong thing because at this she became undoubtedly nervous, quickly dismissing my question with 'business darling' and turned the, already loud, sterio even higher. I shrugged off my questioning views at the time, after all I was too busy thinking about her home and how she'd just called me darling.

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