Are you afraid?

Everyone has a secret. No matter how dark, unbelievable, or strange it is. Everyone had a secret. A secret no one is supposed to know about. Everyone has a secret. What if you saw something you weren’t supposed to see…didn’t want to see? Everyone has a secret. What if that thing you weren’t supposed to see was done by someone you know? Everyone has a secret. What if they knew you saw it? What if they took you away from everything just to save them? Everyone has a secret. What if they couldn’t take it and started to lose control? What if things started to get crazy, really crazy? Everyone has a secret. What if it all just ended in disaster? Everyone has a secret. No matter how dark, unbelievable or strange it is. Everyone had a secret.


2. Chapter two

I paused on the door step for a moment then started too walked to my friend’s house. Well I say walk but really I practically ran, scared of being court alone. I went the long way; I was ever going though that alley again, never again.

Arriving at Taylor’s house, my friend, she was standing outside already smiling as always. She came skipping over to me and gave me a hug then looked up at my face. I tried to smile but I couldn’t.

“Are you ok Kathy, you pale-practically white, are you ill?” she asked putting the back of her hand on my forehead, taking my temperature. I took her hand and dropped it by her side.
“I’m fine just didn’t have the best sleep I could have had.” I managed a bit of a smile, she didn’t seem convinced but she let it go and we carried on walking to school. Taylor is such a slow walker which was a little annoying because I wanted to be in the safety of school as quick as possible. I never thought I would consider school safe but in this instant it is. “Can we walk just a little bit faster please?” it needed to be asked we were almost their now.

“…sure.” Taylor said, picking up speed. A couple of minutes later we were walking through the school gates and into class, safe at last. I and Taylor sat at the back where we can see everything that’s going on and be out of the teacher’s way as much as possible. It’s coming to the end of school before the summer holidays so we are not doing much work just some fun end of year projects. We only have two classes today but they are both two and a half hours so it is the same as having five lessons that last one hour. First lesson is R.E (religious education) our teacher Mrs Williams is really nice so I enjoy R.E quite a lot, I’m good at it to. 

When we get into the classroom and have settled down we realise that the project is written on the board already. It reads: 
You must make a project on a mythical creature
It can be any creature you want
You can do the project in any way you want
And you can work with anyone you want to
But you must work in a group of six

I and Taylor exchange a look we are the type of friends who are so close that we don’t have other friends, just each other. No one really likes us so we didn’t know who to be in a group with. Our eyes skimmed the class room in hope people were walking over to us. They were. Unfortunately those people were the people I didn’t want them to be; Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn.

“Can we be in your group?” Niall asked in his strong yet understandable Irish accent that all the girls liked, even Taylor. I wanted to say no but it looked like no one else wanted to be in a group with us so I nodded. “Thanks” they all sat down around our table; Liam next to me, Niall opposite me and Harry next to him on one side and Zayn on the other with Louis next to Taylor. For a moment or two we all just stared at each other. 

“What do you want to do the project on then?” I asked once the silence got to uncomfortable.

“How about we do it on…vampires?” Niall said directly at me, smirking. I nodded slowly.
“Awesome, I love vampires they are my favourite mythical creature!” Taylor said with excitement totally ignoring the awkward atmosphere as normal. The five boys laughed a little, me and Niall never breaking our stare at each other.

“Shall we start?” asked Niall; again all I did was nod. We ended up doing a project on the difference between how vampires are thought of now and back in the olden days. Taylor kept coming out with things like bats, red eyes, long black coats, sleep in a coffin, can’t go out in the sun, cold to touch. Every time she said something like that the boys would laugh, maybe vampires are real but the things associated with them like cold to touch, can’t go out in the sun, sleep in a coffin are the myths.

The bell went for lunch and we picked up are bags and left for the tables outside to sit and have lunch. The food at our school is horrible so almost everyone brings lunch with them. The boys followed us keeping in time with our steps and when we sat down at our usual place they sat with us. Ignoring them I open up my lunch box and start to eat my ham sandwiches. I felt a little bit weird being watched as I ate but I just tried to ignore them.

“So what’s your favourite past time?” Taylor asked trying to make convocation and failing for the fifth time, all she got were chuckles, shrugs or nothing. She looked down at her watch. “I’ve got a club to go to I’ll see you all at next lesson.” She was not good in awkward situations that she couldn’t talk her way out of; I know she doesn’t have a club today; she doesn’t go to any clubs. She waved as she walked off. I watched her until I couldn’t see her anymore; she had probably gone to her quiet spot behind the school she goes there when I’m off school out of everyone’s way. I looked back round to see the boys had somehow managed to silently and quickly move to be sitting nearer to me on the table. Niall was sitting in front of me again and we continued to stare at each other.

“We know you saw Kathy.” Louis said right in my ear I shivered as his words reached my ear making them seem louder than they were. “We know you saw what happened last night.”
“It’s not like I would tell anyone, I haven’t told my mum or Taylor, I haven’t told anyone.” I told them never once letting go of my stare with Niall.

“Yet…” Louis said as Niall’s eyes flashed red for a moment then went back to normal, he smirked pleased with himself. I gasped. “Are you afraid?” Louis asked me brushing some of my hair behind my ear. I shook my head.

“No” I said hesitantly but convincingly. Harry thumped his fist against the table making me jump and the things on the table move to the side a little bit.
“You should be.” Harry threatened as he got up and left the table followed by all of the other boys except Niall who stayed sitting down with me. I watched the other boys walk away staying in a tight-ish group dogging people who got in the way of them.
“Don’t mind him.” Niall whispered earning my attention again. “He gets nicer once you get to know him.” He reassuringly squeezed my hand. “I promise” I looked at our hands that were now joined then back up at his face.

“What makes you think I’ll be getting to know him? Or any off you?” I asked him starting to get up. I heard him chuckle.

“You’ll see...” he told me as I started to walk in direction Taylor had taken “you’ll see”

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