Are you afraid?

Everyone has a secret. No matter how dark, unbelievable, or strange it is. Everyone had a secret. A secret no one is supposed to know about. Everyone has a secret. What if you saw something you weren’t supposed to see…didn’t want to see? Everyone has a secret. What if that thing you weren’t supposed to see was done by someone you know? Everyone has a secret. What if they knew you saw it? What if they took you away from everything just to save them? Everyone has a secret. What if they couldn’t take it and started to lose control? What if things started to get crazy, really crazy? Everyone has a secret. What if it all just ended in disaster? Everyone has a secret. No matter how dark, unbelievable or strange it is. Everyone had a secret.


3. Chapter three

Luckily I didn’t have to walk home Taylor’s mum picked me up and dropped me off right outside my house. I didn’t want to have to go through the walking thing again especially if Taylor was going to carry on walking so slowly, I’d had enough of Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam at school to have to deal with them walking behind us. Of cause I knew the already know where I live because of that mirror thing but still. I walked up to the door step and was about to let myself in when the door burst open to see my mum on the other side. 

“Kathy, are you ok? Did anything else happen at school?” clearly she had been freaking out over the whole mirror thing. I stepped through the door and gave her a hug. She sighed in relief. “I got pizza for tonight’s tea is that ok?” things seemed to have gone straight back to normal. I nodded breaking the hug and walking towards the kitchen to get a drink. The pizza was already on the counter, my favourite pepperoni. I didn’t really feel like my mum questioning me about the mirror thing and what I saw so I grabbed a few slices and went upstairs to go on my laptop.

I opened my door slowly scared something would be behind it; it creaked open until it was completely open. I stood in the doorway and looked around my room. I saw nothing unusual. So I sat on my chair and turned on my laptop. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do on my laptop, probably check twitter and Facebook, but I was bored so I didn’t really care plus I wanted to be out of my mums way I think she is still freaked out about this morning’s mirror incident, she gets freaked out really easily, it’s nice to know she cares. My computer logged on displaying my background of my favourite picture of me and Taylor, we are facing a river with our arms connected in a love heart shape while my mum took the picture, it has always been my favourite and I think its Taylors favourite to. Clicking on the internet I typed into Google ‘Facebook’ and pressed enter. I was already logged in and it came straight up with my home page. As per normal it was boring my only friends were my family members and Taylor so I decided to log out and turn my computer off. I went to lie on my bed eating my last slice of pizza.

Things that the boys had said today replayed in my head. Two things in particular stood out, Louis saying ‘yet’ when I said I hadn’t told anyone, was he trying to say he thought I was going to tell someone. What about the fact the Niall said to me ‘you’ll see’ when I said I wasn’t planning on getting to know them, maybe they were planning on getting to know me…

Turning on my side I checked my alarm clock for the time, it was already 8:30, I wasn’t really tiered so I decided to just lie down on my bed, I closed my eyes and ended up falling asleep.
‘Bang’ I woke up after hearing the load noise; I thought it was my mum or dad downstairs but I saw a shadow on my bed coming from near my window. Slowly I moved my head towards the window. Standing in front of me was Harry. I gasped.

“How did you get in?” I asked him, he just chuckled in reply. “What do you want?” again he just chuckled. He started to walk towards me, I froze.

“Are you afraid now?” He asked as he picked me up and pulled me towards his chest, opening his mouth, exposing his fangs. I was, I was freaking out right now, but I would never tell him that so I just shock my head instead.

Big mistake.

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