Are you afraid?

Everyone has a secret. No matter how dark, unbelievable, or strange it is. Everyone had a secret. A secret no one is supposed to know about. Everyone has a secret. What if you saw something you weren’t supposed to see…didn’t want to see? Everyone has a secret. What if that thing you weren’t supposed to see was done by someone you know? Everyone has a secret. What if they knew you saw it? What if they took you away from everything just to save them? Everyone has a secret. What if they couldn’t take it and started to lose control? What if things started to get crazy, really crazy? Everyone has a secret. What if it all just ended in disaster? Everyone has a secret. No matter how dark, unbelievable or strange it is. Everyone had a secret.


4. Chapter four

My eye lids slowly began opening and closing as I awoke from being passed out. Where am I? How did I get here? My eye lids flew open but my eye sight was slightly blurry making it hard to make out anything in the room. All I know if that there was no lights on, the only form of light was from the only small window on one of the walls. I didn't know if I was alone or not. Literally I don't know where I am or how I got here-wherever here is... Totally freaking out right now. I tried to move but so much pain washed over me so I decided to stay still and hope for the best. Placing my hand to my forehead where sweat had began to form, I tried to remember how I got here. The last thing I remembered was walking into my room. I was lying down on my bed, then I stood up, someone was in my room. But who? Raking my brain for an answer I remembered a pair of green eyes staring into my blue ones. Closing my eyes to focus on what I remembered I heard footsteps.

"Are you afraid?" I heard someone say from what sounded like above me. I opened my eyes to be met with the glowing pair of green eyes I remembered staring straight into mine. My mouth fell open in shock. He chuckled evilly moving away from his spot crouched over me. More footsteps were heard and a light suddenly flashed on blinding me. I raised my hands to shield my eyes from the bright light. "Are you afraid?" He asked again, I removed my hands, placing them down on the floor I was lying on. Looking towards the now smirking green eyed boy I realised it was none other than Harry.

"What do you want from me? What did I do?" I asked whilst pushing myself up from the floor with the little strength and force I had and began limping towards him, still in pain.

"You know to much." He answered, suddenly appearing in front of me though I hadn't seen him move. Before I knew it I had been pushed to the ground, landing awkwardly on my back, grunting in pain. Standing above me Harry slowly lent down towards me and whispered in my ear "I could've killed you by now." Sending shivers down my spine, which seemed to amuse him by the smirk I saw on his face as he moved his head away chuckling so he was face to face with me.

"Why haven't you?" I asked leaning away from him slightly.

"Stop asking questions!" He almost shouted. He stood up and slammed his foot down on my leg making me scream out in agony, blood was oozing everywhere. Tears sprung from my eyes as I clutched what I'm pretty sure was my now broken leg, covering my hands in my own blood. Harry bent his head down towards my leg, the blood irresistible to him. Hearing footsteps I hoped and prayed for help.

"What the hell are ya doin?!" Niall's voice screamed looking at the sight before him.

"What does it look like you dickhead!"

"Well, stop it ya wanker!" Harry grunted in reply before moving away from me walking towards Niall who was stood in the doorway looking at me with a worried and pained expression. Harry pushed past Niall, banging their shoulders together angrily. Niall mouthed what I think was 'I'm sorry.' before walking out the door, closing it behind him...

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