Fate || Luke Hemmings

Luke and Avery has been best friends for as long as they can remember. They start to have feelings for each other but, never tell one another, believing the other doesn't feel the same. When Luke heads back on tour with the band, he leaves her behind. Being busy with rehearsals and signings, he never had time to contact her, nor has he even try. Avery, being over-analytical, soon loses hope and tries moving on; changing her number and even moving houses.

When Luke finally returns home, he tries to call her, which he gets no connection. Getting confused on why his call wasn't going through, he drives over to her place; soon finding out that she has moved.

Now he only has 2 choices;

Try to move on and forget her
Try and find her

All rights reserved © LashtonCashton


2. chapter 1

Luke’s POV 


Today is our first show of the tour. “You guys are on in 5 minutes!” I hear John yell from the other side of the door. I grabbed my guitar, making sure it’s still in tune. I sat down on the couch, checking the time on the clock. 4 minutes until we hit the stage. I pulled out my phone, typing in my passcode. Going to my messages, I decided to text Avery. 


Me: Just about to go on stage. Miss you :-)


She messaged back almost immediately. Like she was watching her phone, waiting for me to call. 


Avery: you're gonna kill it :) Miss you, too


"1 minute, let's go!" John says, rushing us out the door. I  and peek out the curtains. The venue is nearly packed with screaming girls, calling our names. "3....2.....1...go!" John whisper shouts. I run up on stage; the boys right behind me. The crowd starts screaming as we grab our guitars, walking to the front of the stage. 


"Good evening Glasglow!" I yell into the microphone, making the crowd scream even louder than before. 


"The first song we are going to sing tonight is one of our older songs called Beside You." I start strumming the chords along with Michael and Calum. 


"Within a minute I was all packed up..." Calum starts singing and the crowd sings along, holding up their phones. 




"Thank you, Glasglow! Goodnight!" We all say into the microphone and run off the stage to our dressing rooms."Feels good to be back on stage," michael says, sitting beside me on the couch. "Sure does." I say, staring at Avery’s last message I got before I went on stage. 

“Really miss her eh?” Michael says, putting his hand on my shoulder. I just shrug it off, putting my phone in my pocket. “Of course. She’s always been here with me; never leaving my side.” I stand up and grab my sweater, putting it on. “Let’s head back to the bus. It’s getting late and we have a show tomorrow.” We pack everything back into the tour bus, meeting some fans in the process. “Okay girls, we really need to go. We’ll be back soon!” Ashton says and we blow kisses to them, climbing into the bus. “Who’s hungry?” Cal asks, walking over to the small kitchen we have here. “Me,” we chorus, sitting down on the couch; Michael turning on the TV. 



“What are you up to?” I jump and turn my gaze to the doorway where Ashton is standing, looking at me. “Nothing.” He walks over, sitting down on the other end of the bed. “It’s only 8 months, Luke. It’s not like you’re never going to see her again. Plus, you can still text, call, and skype.” I sigh, sitting up a little. “I know, I know.” He always gives me the same lecture so, I’m used to it. 

“anyways, we have a radio interview tomorrow in the morning.” Ashton changes the subject, standing up from my bed. “Okay.” He turns around, walking out the door. I sigh, looking at the time; 10pm. I picked up my phone from the bed, going to my messages. 

Me: Goodnight :-) 

I sat there waiting for her to text back, so I can get some sleep. 

Avery: Night :) xo

I smiled, setting my phone down beside my pillow. I changed into some pajamas, turning the light off and  climbing in bed. I always go to bed earlier than the other lads. I’m not a night owl. 




“Come on, Luke. We have to go,” Michael complains, walking in the room. I sigh, grabbing my phone. “I’m coming, i'm coming.” 

We walk into the interview room, taking a seat. I pull out my phone. 

Me: Morning, I don’t know what time it is where you are :-( 

I put my phone in my pocket as the interview started. 

“We are on air with 5 Seconds Of Summer!” She announces, smiling. “First off, we’re going to start off with some questions.” We all nod. “First is from a fan named Nicole.” She pauses, making sure we’re ready for the question. “What do you guys like doing on your days off?” Ashton was the first to answer. “We usually just sit around the tour bus, playing video games or just doing our own stuff.” We all nod in agreement. “Next we have a question from Charlotte. What’s your favourite song off the new EP?” Michael was the first to answer. “I think my favourite song from the EP is The Only Reason.” Ashton nodded in agreement. “I like Heartache On The Big Screen.” I say, smiling. “my favourite song off the ep is, What I Like About You.” Calum says and the interviewer nods. “Okay, last question. It’s from a girl named Scarlet. She wants to know, What your favourite fruit is.” Calum answers first. “Apples.” He smiles and turns to me. “I like Tangerines.” I say. “Bananas are definitely my favourite,” Ashton says and Michael nods in agreement. “Okay, let’s play a game.” 


The interview came to an end and we said goodbye. “I’m going back to sleep,” Michael yawns, walking to his bunk. “Same,” we all walk in the bedroom and climbed in our bunks. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and seen a message from Avery. 

Avery: It’s the morning here :) Miss you. 

I set my phone down beside my pillow and lie down, slowly falling back to sleep. 




“It’s showtime!” John says, walking into our dressing room. I take a quick sip out of my water bottle and walk out the door. “3..2..1..go,” We run on stage, waving to the crowd. “Good evening, Sheffield!” Michael yells into the microphone. The crowd starts screaming and we start strumming the chords to the opening song. 


“Thank you for having us! You guys were amazing!” We yell, bowing. We run off stage and to the dressing room, changing into some cleaner clothes since it was extremely hot on stage. 

“Okay, next is Manchester, then you boys have a day off to do whatever you want.” We cheer as we’re walking to the bus. I look over at the gate where there’s fans yelling our names; waving. I smile, waving back which makes them scream. I smile and climb in the bus, sitting down on the couch. “You guys can go meet some fans who are by the gate before we leave.” John says, knowing we love hanging out with our fans. 

As soon as they see us walking over, they start screaming and waving. We signal for them to quiet down. “We’re only here for 5 minutes and we want to meet as much of you as we can.” Ashton says and the girls nod. We take some pictures and chat with them for a few minutes before John comes over and tells us we need to leave. “It was nice meeting you all! We’ll be back soon,” we wave goodbye and blow kisses, making them squeal. 

“Who wants to play on the ps4 with me?” Michael says, sitting down on the couch. “I will,” Calum smiles, and they go through the games. I shake my head, walking to my bunk. Those 2 are always playing video games. I grab my phone that I have forgotten beside my pillow. I frown seeing no new messages from Avery. “Want to watch a movie with me?” Ashton says, walking in the room. “I don’t know. Which movie?” he names a few and we decide on a Tv show called ‘How I Met Your Mother’ which is one of my favourites. 

“Okay, I’m going to bed.” I get up from Ashton’s bunk and climb into mine. “Okay, mate. Night.” I roll over, putting in my headphones.




“Hey guys,” I say, sitting down on the couch. “Morning.” I turned my attention to the TV. “Video games again?” Michael just ignores me, like every other day. “I made you breakfast. It’s on the counter.” Cal says, smiling. I nod and get up, walking to the kitchen. I grab the plate off the counter and sit down at the table. 

“We have rehearsal in an hour.” Ashton says, standing up, stretching. I put my plate in the sink and walk to my bunk, grabbing my phone off the bed. I change into some fresh clothes and walking over to the couch. 


“I won!” Michael jumps up from his seat. “Of course you do.” Calum groans, setting his controller down on the couch. “Okay, guys. Rehearsal time.” We get out of the bus walking over to the studio. 

“What song do you want to play first?” We all look at each other. “Disconnected.” We start strumming, except for Ashton who’s playing the drums. “Life’s a tangled web, of cell phone calls and hashtags I-don’t-know..” I start singing into the mic. 


“That’s enough of rehearsing. The show starts in 3 hours.” John says packing up. We carry everything back to the bus and put it in the side door of the bus, that’s for storage. 

“Let’s watch a movie to waste time.” We all agree on Frozen and cuddle up on the couch. 


“I just love that movie and that little snowman,” Michael has been going on for a full hour on how much he loves this movie. “Okay, Michael. We get it.” He glares at me and keeps going. “Okay an hour til the show, let’s go.” we walk in the back of the venue and up to our dressing rooms. I tuned up my guitar, making sure everything is ready. “Have you spoken to Avery lately?” Ashton asks, walking up to me. “Not since yesterday.” I say, setting down my guitar. “That’s surprising.” I just shrug. “We’ve been busy.” John comes in and takes our guitars, setting them up on stage. 


“Okay. It’s showtime.” 


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