One direction imagines

Heyo so if you want an imagine just comment your name and which boy you want and if you want it to be romantic/cute/dirty or you pick what type so yeah :P


2. Sofia's imagine <3

You were sitting on the couch waiting for Harry he said he would pick you up for your date with him at 6 pm and it was now 7 , you have been trying to contact him through text and call but he never replied and never contacted you back you sighed before standing up and going to go wash the make up off your face when a knock on the door stopped you . You walked to the door and opened it and saw Harry standing their with a 4foot teddy bear that says I'm sorry on its stomach in a red love heart and in his other hand was a bouquet of roses you went to close the door but he put his foot in the way.
" look I'm so sorry me and the boys had to stay in rehearsal longer because we were there late but please don't hate me" he begged you sighed before opening the door again and taking the bear and roses off him and sat them on the floor before looking up at the gorgeous man in front of you . 
" I'm mad I will admit that but I can't stay mad at you and why on earth would I hate you " you replied wrapping your arms around his neck he reacted quickly and wrapped his arms around your waist before giving you a small kiss when he pulled back you smiled brightly at him.
" now come on let's go on our date" he said unwrapping himself from you and grabbing your hand you have a slight nod then he pulled you to his car and you both hopped in when you were settled in the car Harry started driving and you turned to him.
" Harry" you said.
" yes babe?" he questioned taking a quick glance at you before looking back at the road.
" where are we going?" You asked he chuckled before pulling up on the side of a road you looked outside to see where you were but you didn't recognise the area so you turned back to face Harry.
"Where are we? " you asked he shook his head meaning he's not telling before getting out of the car and coming over and opening your door for you .
"Now close your eyes and keep them closed" he said you obeyed and covered your eyes you felt him pulling you along with him before he stopped.
" open up babe" he said you moved your hands and gasped at the sight there was a little picnic blanket placed out on the green grass with a picnic basket on top of it and little fairy lights hanged up all over the trees you turned to Harry.
"You like?" He asked you just stared at him.
"I don't like it I love it !!!" You squealed before pulling harry into a kiss when you pulled back you skipped over to the blanket with Harry and sat down next to him Harry grabbed something out of the picnic basket and told you to open your mouth you opened your mouth slightly and Harry placed the tip of a strawberry in your mouth you smiled before bitting it once you swallowed you looked at Harry.
"Cheesiest man I know" you joked he smiled down at you.
"Yeah but you love it " he replied you nodded.
" yes I do" before pulling him into another kiss.
For Sofia/sofiaravn 
I know it sucked but I did try .


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