Ashton Maybelline Flores Is A Insecure 17 Year Old Girl Who Has Only One True Friend Named Boston. She Lives In A Home For Troubled Girls Because She Tried To Commit Suicide When She Was 14 Because Of Bullying. Her Parents Disowned Her And She Is Practically Alone. One Day She Stumbles Into The New Kid In Town.....


2. Your Beautiful

Calum's POV

On the way home from school I cant get the image of Ashton out of my head. Her beautiful bright green eyes and her soft wavy brown hair. She is absolutely stunning. I cant wait to get to know her more. I get home and set my bag down by the door. Walking to the kitchen I pull out my phone to see if she texted me yet. "Why am I so eager for her to text me?" I whisper to myself grabbing a bag of gummy bears. As I eat my gummy's I play subway surfer on my phone trying to beat my high score. I'm not sure how much time passes until my phone buzzes and I see I got a text from a unknown number. I check it hopefully. 'Uh hey its Ashton..' I smile to myself and text back. 'Hai love, Meet me at the park for the project? xX :)'  A few seconds later I get another text. 'Sure, Seeya soon' I grab my jacket and a bag of candy as I head out. I cant wait to see her! The sun is just setting as I got to the little park. I see Ashton sitting on the swings. I smile and walk over to her. "Hey Ashton." I say and sit on the other swing beside her. "Call me Ash please?" She asks quietly. "Sure love." I say and offer her some of the Hershey kisses I brought. She smiles and takes one sticking it on her tongue. After a few moments of not so awkward silence she speaks up, "So... tell me about your self." I think for a second. "Well, I live alone. My parents live halfway across the world. I'm a only child. I like candy. My favorite color is blue. I'm deathly afraid of spiders."  And... I think your absolutely gorgeous. I say the last part in my head, or so I think. I watch as she blushes scarlet red and looks down to her feet. "Oh um I didn't mean to say that out loud..." I mumble embarrassed and feel my face heat up. "Its ok." she says smiling slightly at me. "So why don't you tell me about yourself now?" I ask and notice her smile fade. She looks back down and I know I hit a rough subject. "Um well... My best friend and only friend is Boston. My parents disowned me. I have a little brother I haven't see in 3 years. I tried to commit suicide at age 14. I have been bullied since I was 9. A-And.. I live in a home for troubled girls." She finally struggles to get out. I look at her shocked. "I'm so sorry Ash." I whisper and give her a hug. She pulls away quickly and stands up. "Everyone thinks I'm crazy! Nobody would care if I died right here right now. I could disappear of the face of the Earth and nobody would cry. Why are you still here? I don't need your pity." She says starting to cry. I try to wipe her tears but she pulls back. "I don't think your crazy." I whisper looking into her eyes, "I think your a Amazingly Beautiful, Brilliant, Artistic, Funny, Adorable, Cute, and Kind girl." She looks at me confused. "Do you really mean it?" She asks a glimmer of hope in her stunning green eyes. I nod and she hugs me. I wrap my arms around her protectively. We sit there for a while just hugging. Oh what I would do to kiss her right now... But not now.. Its too early. She is too hurt. Her breathing slows and pretty soon she is fast asleep. I kiss her forehead softly and stand up holding her bridal style. I carry her to my house humming softly. She looks so peaceful in her sleep. Almost angelic. When I get to my house I go upstairs to my room and gently lay her down. Yawning, I take of my shirt and climb in with her. I cuddle close to her and wrap my arms around her waist. Her hair smells of strawberries. I smile to myself and kiss her, ever so lightly, on the lips. Barely noticeable. Closing my eyes, I pull her closer and let myself fall into a comfortable slumber.  


A/N: Do You Guys Think The Chapters Are Too Short? Do They Flow Well? I Feel Like They Should Be Longer With More Details.

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