Stuck in love

Ariana was being adopted by, well... One direction. It wasn't so much of an adoption actually..well harry styles was and is her reaally father but left her and her mom.. After harry left them, her mom had died and so Ariana was left in a foster care. When people at the foster care found out where her father was, she's forced to live with him..them. She's on her first year of middle school and she already has twists and turns..


2. Why?

I was sitting on my bed as they were surrounding me.(except harry)

"so, what's your name again?" A person with brown flopped hair asked.

"Ariana," I responded. I was noticing it was a pink room and was quite large too. It had a white chandelier and and a white bed sett. 

"Well Ariana I'm Louis and that's niall Liam and zayn. Harry's downstairs," he said while pointing.

"Tell us about yourself," Niall said smiling.

"well.. Uh .. My birthday is next week."

"How old are you turning?" Liam said.

"12" I said quietly.

"What? But your so tall!" Zayn said. I was 5'7 1/2 and had brown eyes and dark brown hair. I guess you could call me tall.

"Well we're going to leave you to unpack. By the way, we're going shopping tomorrow after school," Niall said.


after I was done unpacking and seeing how much clothes I have I was pretty excited to go shopping. I actually liked trying on clothes and accessorizing them too. I went downstairs to find the guys watching tv. 

"I'm done unpacking," I say.

"great we were just watching some tv. You can sit next to me," Niall says. I sit next to him on the sofa and Harry gets up and leaves the room. I knew I only hated two people , harry sand someone else. How rude can you be. Not even saying hi? That just makes it worse.

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