Stuck in love

Ariana was being adopted by, well... One direction. It wasn't so much of an adoption actually..well harry styles was and is her reaally father but left her and her mom.. After harry left them, her mom had died and so Ariana was left in a foster care. When people at the foster care found out where her father was, she's forced to live with him..them. She's on her first year of middle school and she already has twists and turns..


1. New beginning , middle of the year

I was finishing packing my bags and looked out the window. I quickly saw a  jeep pull up near the driveway of the foster home. "Ariana!" The keeper of the foster house said. That was my Que. As I went to downstairs..there were 4 guys to pick me up..  Not surprising.. I knew there were going to other people but I also knew one person wasn't going to come..Harry.I looked back at the place I've spent almost my whole life in. While he was done with signing a contract, he leaded me out to the jeep. He brought my bags to the trunk and sat down next blonde guy. We all just awkwardly stared at each other.

"So..Ariana , do you know who we are?" The person driving spoke. 

"Not really.. The lady at the foster care just told me that harry and his friends are going to pick me up," I replied stuttering. It was a long nervous ride while arriving at the house. When we got out they brought my bags inside and I quickly saw someone sitting on the couch.





im Srry it's short..:)x bye

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