Hard to explane


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Lizzys pov


when we were first born the hospital put a necklace around our neck. there was only one other person with the same necklace as you and your goal is to find that one person. you are not aloud to show anyone your necklace to anyone until you are 15. 

i walked down the stairs after i just woke up and my parents and my 13 siblings pop out at me and yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZZY!" i totally forgot it was my birthday so this took me as a great surprise. i am now 15 and can show other people my necklace so right when i heard them i started showing them what i have been looking at and wanting to show others for 15 years now. my necklace was a black diamond in the shape of a sun. 

when i was done showing everyone my necklace i remembered i had school. most of the people in my class are 14 still because i was one of the oldest person in my class. i grabbed my book bag and ran to school.

when i got to school i saw 4 boys that were my friends looking at something one of them was holding. i came over and saw that it was James holding it. when i finally got close enough to see it i say that it was his necklace. i forgot it was his birthday too. then i saw that he had the same necklace as me. i was so shocked. then james asked me if he could see mine and i was not ready to find the one that i would be with forever so i ran as fast as i could to my next class. as i got closer to class i saw one of my other friends looking at their necklace, he had his birthday 2 days ago but i never saw it. when i close enough to see it i saw that he had the same one as me.

this had to be just my imagination, there is no possible way 2 people have the same necklace as me. i ran past him and got to class. i hope he did not see me. when i got to class i started thinking what i would do. emmit (the other boy with the same necklace as her) and James both have the same necklace as me and they are both really good friends of mine.

i had a crush on emmit ever since middle school but james is the first who i realized had the same necklace as me. soon they will be off to look for their other half and not know it is me. sooner or later they will find out and i will have no idea what to do. class had not started so i got out of my seat and ran down to the principles office. iknow, most people hate their principle but my principle is one of the nicest people ever.

i got in her office and sat down. she looked at me and then this is how our conversation went:

me: mrs. johnson i have a really important question.

Mrs. Johnson: what is it lizzy?

me: well today is my 15th birthday-

Mrs. Johnson: congratulations 

me: thank you. but i saw one of my friends with the same necklace as me

Mrs. Johnson: well that is terrific but why do you seem so shaken

me: well as i was going to my next class i saw another one of my friends and they had the same necklace as me also.

Mrs.Johnson: oh my well that is a bit of a problem then sweetie.

me: do you have any advice to help me?

Mrs johnson: no but i do know that you need to keep what your necklace looks like a secret from as many people as possible.

me: ok

*bell signaling that i am late for class rings*

me: i got to go Mrs. Johnson thank you

i walked out of her office as fast as i could without running. then when i was sure that she could not see me i started running. i got to class and it seems that my teacher was late also. i sat down in my usual spot right in between emmit and james. thankfully neither of them knew that it is my birthday. the teacher finally arrived and started talking i did not even listen because of all the thoughts in my head. 

i must have had a weird look because my friend jasmin tapped my shoulder and asked me what was wrong. i told her nothing but she did not believe me. she said that she would come and talk to me later.

jasmin came and found me after school and she dragged me to her house. it is hard to keep a secret from that girl. she tickled me until i agreed to tell her. i told her everything and at the end her mouth was hanging wide open. i let out a bit of a giggle. she started screaming at me that she had the same necklace but she was not aloud to show me until tomorrow which is her birthday. then i left and told her i would come over tomarrow. she had to get emmit over to her house and i had to get james over to her house. but james is stubborn.

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