Nials little sister


1. welcome home

HEY. My name Is Ella and I am Nialls little sister. I know what u are thinking U ARE THE NIAlL HOARNS LITTL SISTER?? The answer is yes. I am 14 and I have blond hair and blue eyes. I HATE CHEERLEADERS!!!! They can be sooooo stuck up. Just like Emily Anderson captain of the cheerleading squad. Ugh I hate that girl. All she dose is talk about me and herself . Doesn't she have anything better to do ,like max out he daddy's credit card. Enough about the devil. OMG IT IS SEVEN O'CLOCK I GOT TO GET TO SCHOOL. Today I decided to wear a crop top that say haters on it. And some black ripped skinny jeans. I am going to we're my black converse to school to.

(Skip the walk to school)

Ella's pov

I walk in school and everyone stares at me. What ever. OMG I see my best friend lily brunk but most people call her lily pie. Lol.hey lily pie. "HEY GURL I MISSED U " lily yelled all the way across the hall. "OMG isn't ur brother and his band mates coming today???? " OMG I almost 4got ."yea I guess". "ARNT U EXCITED"???"heck no all he does is gang up on me""well I ammmmmm" lily can be very annoying sometimes.

(Skip school day)

"I think Niall is ganna pick us up" "your bro is ganna flip when he sees ur belly button piercing" " I don't give a crap"

"WHAT DID U JUST SAY LITTLE GIRL" I turn around and who do I see the one and only Niall Hoarn my big bro. " I said wat I wanted to say "wat is on u stomach??" " can we just go home" "fine".

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