Nials little sister


2. one and only Harry styles

Nialls pov

"Ella can we talk" " NO NIALL I HATE U. U ARE JUST UGH I HATE U LEAVE ME ALONE." " please " " nooooooooooo" after she said that she slammed the door right in my face and that is when I started crying.

Harry's pov

"She is a little Brat" "SHUT HARRY SHE IS NOT I MISSED HER SOOOO MUCH and now she hates me" after that I looked at him in total shock that he just screamed at me and that he was crying then I said "o my god Niall can't u see that she misses u like crazy it's just that when she neede her big brother which is u u weren't there , instead u were on your with us sinning for girls and being there for girls that u don't even no " " Harry u can leave if u want I am not in the mood to be talked-" I cut him off right there. " I am not going anywhere I will go and try to talk to her " here goes nothing.

Ella's pov

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